Thoughts on E=MC2

If E=MC2 is true, and if the Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy (LCME) is true, then the speed of light can only be variable, not fixed. Think about it. At the moment just before God began to create matter in the universe (or for the evolutionists, the Big Bang) , and M was close to zero, the LCME dictates that the equation E=MC2 must always be in balance. Setting M to close to zero essentially drops M out of the equation, and it now reads E=C2.

The total energy of the universe is a fixed by the LCME, therefore by E=MC2, when M is close to zero, C2 must have been greatly higher in order to keep the total energy of the universe in balance. As mass came into existence, E=MC2 always remained balanced. As mass increased, the speed of light had to decrease. This is not theory, it is verified by experimentation. The increase of mass in a particle as it is accelerated to close to the speed of light has been measured.

E=MC2 - As M increases, C2 must decrease in order for E to remain constant. Whether mass came into existence by creation or the big bang, the result is the same.

Think of the creative act of God as utilizing energy in order to create matter. Since LCME dictates the total energy of the universe is constant, then the energy used to create matter had to come from someplace. It came from the light itself. The speed of light decreased as matter came into existence.

Furthermore, we know that the total mass of the universe is not static but changing. First, before anything existed, there was no matter. When God began creating, matter came into existence and the total mass of the universe increased from zero. If M is variable in E=MC2, then C2 must also be inversely variable, because the total energy of the universe IS fixed. Secondly we know that mass is continually being converted to energy in every star. So therefore again M can not be fixed, and if a variable, C2 must also be a variable. In every way, since M is a variable, C must be also be variable. This is not rocket science, this is simple physics.