Issue 21 - Feb 16 - Mar 6

I'm sorry this is so long, I got way behind. Why not read a little today, then come back to it later. In the future, I may be forced by my work load to stop sending out weekly updates. Instead I will be sending them out every other or every third week. I will try to keep them fresh, as short as I can, and to not repeat the same thing over and over.

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***In this Journal, I am trying something new. With a lot of photos, the load time for the Journal gets excessive. So, all the photos are thumbnail versions of larger photos. To view the full photo, click on the thumbnail.

New Website Launched

I want to apologize that I have fallen behind on my journal. Several reasons contribute to the delay. The first is that I am putting time into a new website aimed at mainline Christianity to promote church growth, revival, and the training of young evangelists. The website is being promoted by Kingdom Company. For those who do not know of Kingdom Company, they are the largest distributor of audio/visual equipment and supplies to the church in the US. As such, they have a massive contact list.

The new website, Kingdom Insight, is a social networking site, similar to FaceBook, dedicated to the coming harvest of the US, and the subsequent difficult times we are facing. The goal is to help equip the saints, and to strengthen the church. What is new, in my estimation, is that this website is focusing on making the case to the mainline church for street preaching as the central method that the Lord ordained to reach the world. The street preaching has been the "bad boy" of ministries for a long time simply because no one in the church as a whole understand what it is and what it is supposed to do. Hopefully this will be an avenue for us preachers to plead our case to the church as a whole.

There is much more to the site than this little blurb. I invite you all to go online and take a look at Kingdom Insight. In particular, we are looking for street preacher friendly people to add content to the site. At the moment, while I am not alone, I am pretty much the torch bearer for our kind of ministry.

Please, feel free to join and to post in those areas that interest you. The website began being promoted nationally last week. Unlike Jed's website, or my website,, Kingdom Insight is set up to handle photos, videos, forums, events, focus groups, personal blogs, and miscellaneous notes. We have great hopes that the website will go a long ways to being able to have inroads to the mainline churches.

Hacker Attack

For a number of days over the last 3 weeks, I have had to fight off a pernicious attack on the Campus Ministry, USA Bulletin Board. It began on Tuesday, Feb 17th. When I went to the board to perform my webmaster duties, the main page was gone, replaced by close to a thousand profane and perverse posts. The attacker used a script that posted the same posts hundreds of times. Taking advantage of a weakness I did not know of, the script actually destroyed the BB's main page.

I made changes to recognize the pattern of behavior and to block the posting script, but the attacks continued three or four more times. In the end, I spent more than 7 days revamping my code to prevent the "denial of service" attack. These were days that I could not go out on campus.

But the end is not yet. The changes I made to the BB seem to have been too restrictive, and some of the regulars are not able to post. I will have to go back in and make some more changes to loosen up the restrictions for people that I know and can trust.

The Bro Cope Show

The coming week is Spring Break at Penn State, and I will be able to get caught up on a number of projects in addition to Kingdom Insight.

First, I have found a place to film a pilot for a TV show. The Penn State Diner has agreed to let me tape a TV show, which at this time is tentatively going to be called "The Bro Cope Show" (for lack of a more creative alternative, although suggestions would be welcome). I am hoping to shoot the first show on Wednesday March 25, or Thursday March 26th evening. This show will go out on a 24/7 internet channel being developed by Kingdom Company, and possibly a couple of free standing stations that I know of.

The format of the show will be talk and interview, with an occasional Bible study or Bible debate. For the first show, I will be sending out a letter outlining the purpose for the show, and inviting all of the Christian groups to attend and to bring up their objections to my methods. It is my hope that I will be able to educate the Penn State students to the wisdom of God manifested in the confrontational method that I use on campus.

1Co 1:21 For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.

In the future, I will be doing topical shows, interviewing preachers, addressing current events, and challenging the various world views that array themselves against the knowledge of God.

This endeavor has been on my heart for quite some time, and now I am being pressed in the Spirit to attempt it. My hope is that I can use footage from my normal preaching to augment answers to questions and to bring a wider acceptance in the church to what God wants to do through the street preachers. Consequently, I am hoping to be able to interweave this task with my preaching commitment.

After 32 years of preaching, my burden to educate the church has become very heavy. It is my understanding, as I have said before, that the Lord has already begun the judgment of the church, which precedes the judgment of the world. We all can see great judgment looming over the US, as we see the birth pangs coming on us. But the judgment of the world comes after the judgment of the church.

1Pe 4:17-18 For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God? And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?

But the church is completely ignorant of that judgment, what it is, what the standard will be. According to Peter, that judgment is difficult. Think about the sentence "the righteous scarcely be saved". That indicates a very high standard of judgment, not a low one.

This project will be the most challenging thing I have ever undertaken. Will it succeed? Only God knows. But I am compelled to try. I want to produce something that might be called Jeremiah meets Bill O'Reilly. Some of the Fox News people have the confrontation down, they just don't have it rooted in the truths of God. Most of the commentators that try to present the news from a Christian perspective are so worried that they might offend that they come off as smarmy, vapid, and vacuous. What the world needs is the boldness of the prophetic utterance coupled with the wisdom of God. Am I that person? I hope so.

The project represents a new financial commitment on my part. I will be buying some new equipment, (lights, microphones, and a new computer to edit the video), but for now, I will use what I have. I will need to upgrade in order to get something better than Youtube posts. I project the cost to be about $6,000 to acquire a good camera, some sensitive mikes, directional mikes, and some umbrella lights to light the PS Diner's back room.

For the most part, with the exception of driving up to Mansfield, PA to work with Kingdom on their projects, I have not traveled. I have preached at every opportunity at Penn State. The reason I have not traveled is because the support has not been there. When the Lord does not supply my needs to travel, I look around to see if there is something for me to do locally. This project is what I have come up with. If any of you are impressed by the Lord to help to fund this, please donate with a note to apply it to the "show project".

In April, my plans are to travel out to Missouri to spend a couple of weeks traveling and preaching with Jed in the central part of the US. I anticipate that this trip will cost me about a $850 dollars for 4 weeks. Could some of you help out with special donations to cover this trip?

My address is:

Bro Cope
3598 N Atherton St., Apt 1
Port Matilda, PA 16870

You can make a donation online!

Archiving Project

On The Campus Ministry Bulletin Board over the years, I have posted thousands of times on the issues that surround this kind of ministry. Many times it has been suggested to me that I "write a book". With the Kingdom Insight project, again the subject has arisen. Currently there are over 62,000 posts archived on our server in Minnesota. In order to preserve this body of work, I have started a project to download these posts and to store then on another machine. That will give me access to the posts, and will enable me to begin editing and consolidating my work as "the dreaded webmaster" of The Campus Ministry's website.

This project will be lower key after I get the bulk downloaded. I hope to be able to spend some time this summer compiling my work, along with taping and editing segments for The Bro Cope Show, or whatever it will be called.

Special Needs

If any on my mailing list have special skills, I could use some help on some of these projects. Up till now, I have been trying to do it all by myself. It would be nice if I had a wife and maybe a couple of live-at-home children to help out, but I don't. Unlike most on the campus circuit that have preaching partners and wives, I am alone. That is another reason why this journal has taken 3 weeks to be written.

Here are the skills I am looking for:

(1) If any of you have skills in editing videos, I could use a hand. I have bunches of segments, but no time to spare to edit them.

(2) If any have graphic artist skills, I need promotional materials for the show designed. I have a source to print the posters, but am pretty challenged when it comes to artistic ability.

(3) If any have public relations experience, the show will have to be promoted once it actually exists.

(4) I have a large need at times for people who are internet savvy to do some online research.

All of these would be volunteers, since I am trying to do this on a shoe string.

Monday, Feb 16th

The atheist, oh those faithful atheists, were out to withstand the Gospel. The weather was clear but cold, but that did not stop a small crowd from forming. The main issue of the day was the mindlessness of atheism. I like to continually point out how the atheist's philosophy ultimately and logically ends up in nihilistic despair.

You see, atheists will tell you that they can not believe in anything that can't be sampled by the 5 senses. This is called materialism, and I have gone over this before in my journal. The reason that atheism results in nihilistic despair is because of their insistence that they can not believe in anything that does not have a material existence. But most of what we know, about 99.9999%, we have not acquired through sampling the material existence of anything. Almost the entirety of our knowledge we have learned from secondary sources, not primary sources.

A primary source is someone who does experiments, makes measurements, and determines empirically what he is trying to document or understand. A secondary source is from any other source other than the one doing the experiments. Almost all of our knowledge comes from second hand sources. To the atheist, or at least one who is true to his beliefs, they would have to reject everything that they have personally determined by their own research.

When the Christian refers to things that have happened in history from the Bible, the atheist simply rejects it out of hand because it is a secondary source. Yet when we question their beliefs system, they assert absolutes based upon knowledge that they did not personally determine. That means that all of their beliefs are based in faith. They have trusted the source as to the truth value of what is told them. That is faith.

It is a very fun thing to challenge the atheists using their own arguments. This day I was pointing out that they use logic, their minds, their memories, their thoughts to prove that God does not exist. They reject the existence of the supernatural, yet they use supernatural means to try to argue their beliefs.

By that I mean that logic has no material existence. Logic has no color, no taste, not texture, no odor, and makes not sound. If it has no material existence, then it must be immaterial. Two other words that can be used are "natural" and "supernatural". Logic exists, but not as a property of any matter. It exists outside the material or natural realm. Therefore it is supernatural. It's very existence is a proof that the material realm is not all that there is.

If an atheist were true to his philosophy, he could not know anything unless he did the original research. And even then it would require the use of something that can not be tested materially in order to make any conclusions from the research. Oh, those mindless atheists, trying to use a supernatural thing like logic to disprove the existence of the supernatural. That is like using water to prove wetness is a figment of our imagination.

Tuesday, Feb 17th

Hacker attack!!!

Wednesday, Feb 18th

It was cold and rainy, and I could not gather a crowd. This was one of those days when we preach "to every creature". I was preaching to the squirrels.

Thursday, Feb 19th

Hacker attack!!!

Friday, Feb 20th

Hacker attack!!!

Saturday, Feb 21st

Picnic Animals

While the students of Penn State boast that they are "party animals", we Christians opt for the straight and narrow. But that does not mean that we can't have any fun. No sirree! We, here at the Bro Cope homestead, are "picnic animals". Today was our traditional midwinter picnic. Every year since about 1988, we pick one weekend in the middle of winter to go outside, braise some barnyard animals, and ruminate on what it was like for those 40 years in the wilderness.

The tradition came about so long ago because Gary and Karen's children would get really rambunctious after several months of being cooped up inside. There is nothing better than a winter picnic to cure cabin fever. In the early days, we would have snow sculpting contests for the kids, complete with all kinds of prizes. For the oldsters, we would heat cider on the fire, and stand real close to the flames. Before too long all the girls would wind up in the house, while we hardier guys would huddle around the fire pit, spitting, talking about chain saws and carburetor, and doing other manly things.

Today, almost all of the kids are grown, so no more snow sculpting. But just the same, we had another wonderful picnic. Here is a small sample of the festivities. These thumbnails are links to full scale pictures.

The picnic spread in front of the dinner bell

Gary and Karen Cattell, faithful servants of God

The red head in the middle is Rebekah Cattell

Sarah and Karen - the daughter Karen did not have

Barnyard animals and guys cooking

Monday, Feb 23rd

The atheists set up to do their own evangelism table down by College Avenue. Gary and I thought about heckling them, but decided not to aid them in any way.

Consequently it was a very quiet day at Willard. No debates, no crowds.

Tuesday, Feb 24th

Hacker attack!!!

Wednesday, Feb 25th

Today was a surprisingly eventful day. The weather was cold, but that did not dissuade the atheists. They showed up in force. I began to talk on the evidence in geology that showed that catastrophe is a better explanation than uniformitarianism for what we see in the geologic record. Of course the knee jerk reaction was to simply ridicule what I was saying. Then the fellow standing off to my left lifted up his voice. He identified himself as a geology major and stripped them of their defense by telling them that many in geological science are acquiescing to the fact that all fossils were laid down under catastrophic flood conditions. Surprisingly they were stunned into silence for a while.
But before too long, they began to encircle me and march around me like the Israelites circling the city of Jericho. The ambient noise level got a little loud, and the speech professor gesticulating in the picture to the left came out to read us the riot act. His students were giving their speeches but could not be heard over the noise. In order to avoid any problems with the administration, I shut down and apologized.

The fellow I am talking to here came out of the crowd to question my methodology. Since I had quieted down to assuage the professors anger, we had a quiet and very productive talk about my methods. His objection was that I was apparently driving people away from God. He was surprised when I said, "Yes, I know. I intend to do that."

"What?" he exclaimed. Then I went on to explain that the heart of man is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked, and men can not know the state of their own heart. The place where most people are at is where they think themselves basically good people that God loves and won't send to Hell. This is the most dangerous of any place to be. Not only is that person headed for Hell, but they are deceived into thinking they are not in danger.

Jesus said to the Church of Laodicea in Re 3:15-16 I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

God can deal with hot, obviously, and He can deal with cold. But He can not deal with all those in the middle - those who believe they are good enough for God, those with no sense of danger. As a preacher my job is to move people. Hot or cold is not in my power to determine. The Bible says that as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. My preaching does not establish where a man's heart is at.

All it can do is to force the man to make the choice that is already in his heart. Free will. Even God normally does not override a man's free will. If God does not do it, how can my preaching do what God does not do? The preaching does not turn people off, as he suggested. All the preaching can do is to expose where a person's heart is at, and then move that person further along the path that was already in their heart.

With that explanation, he shook my hand, and thanked me for my preaching.

Sel stood with us today. He is from Kenya. Several weeks ago, he told me that he feels called to preach. While he hasn't preached yet, he is faithful to work the crowd and to defend his faith. In the picture to the left, he is witnessing to the main antagonists from the atheist club. And then on the right, he is praying for one of the main atheists. Imagine that!!!

Gary told me that he prayed for all of them today, Could a break through be near if the atheists allow us to pray for them. Further on down in this journal, I am seen praying for another atheist, Pat.

Thursday, Feb 26th

Hacker attack!!!

Friday, Feb 27th

Today was rainy and cold, but nevertheless, it was pretty productive. First Ed A, a friend from Williamsport came down with his son to work the crowds. He was a cute little fireball, happily passing out tracts to the students. What coed could refuse a tract from him? His father, Ed, is right behind him.

The top story of the day was that I was able to overcome with the atheists! I began to lay out from physical evidence what we do know that agrees with the Biblical story. I started with the fact that there are millions of mammoth and mastodon fossils above the Arctic circle. There actually is an entire island made up of bones from these great animals.

How much grass does an elephant require per day? Three hundred pounds each day.

What did all those millions of mammoths and mastodon eat above the arctic circle, where the only thing that grows is lichen? This is about where they quieted down. What about the 10 foot ferns found under the ice in Antarctica? Or the coal deposits?

I brought up the mammoths that have been found flash frozen in Alaska and Siberia, standing on all four feet. And the rock ice that covers large areas in Alaska and Siberia. Rock Ice is an interesting phenomenon that can only be explained by jets of clear pure water being ejected into the stratosphere, freezing, and then falling back to earth like hail, only with very little dissolved air in the ice. I also talked about the fact that before all the oil, coal, and natural gas was trapped underground (by a catastrophic flood), the carbon now locked up was in the ecosystem. That points to the fact that the earth was once very very lush. This is also born out by fossils of gigantic trees and plants. There is one petrified tree that has been found that is a half mile in diameter and could have been several miles high.

I had started to tape that session, but the rain made me turn off the camera. I could have kicked myself when I was able to bring the entire atheist clan to silence. I wish I had it on tape.

Monday, March 2nd

I preached once but was not able to draw a crowd. I left early and drove 2 hours to Mansfield, PA to speak at a Kingdom Builders meeting. The message was given as an addition to a message I gave last month that the Judgment of the church has already begun. The links to that message are:

The Judgment of the Church has begun, Part 1
The Judgment of the Church has begun, Part 2
The Judgment of the Church has begun, Part 3
The Judgment of the Church has begun, Part 4
The Judgment of the Church has begun, Part 5
The Judgment of the Church has begun, Part 6

The follow-up message I gave was entitled "What the church needs to know"

What the church needs to know, Part 1
What the church needs to know, Part 2
What the church needs to know, Part 3

My burden is for the church. If they knew what is coming down the pike, they would be trembling. Many people in the church are saying the same things as I have concerning our times. I heard a prophecy from the Orthodox church warning those in the Orthodox church to lay aside a month's worth of food because something catastrophic was soon to happen. A couple of weeks later I received this warning from David Wilkerson:

Famed Pastor predicts imminent catastrophe

And yesterday I received this warning:

Coming Evangelical Collapse

It is time to draw together and strengthen ourselves in the Lord. All those who put their trust in the Lord will not be ashamed. All who trust in the world will be abandoned. The Lord is shaking the earth:

Heb 12:25-27 See that ye refuse not him that speaketh. For if they escaped not who refused him that spake on earth, much more shall not we escape, if we turn away from him that speaketh from heaven: Whose voice then shook the earth: but now he hath promised, saying, Yet once more I shake not the earth only, but also heaven. And this word, Yet once more, signifieth the removing of those things that are shaken, as of things that are made, that those things which cannot be shaken may remain.

Tuesday - Penn State University

A very quiet day. I preached but the weather was cold, so I could not gather a crowd.

Wednesday - Penn State University

For some reason the atheists like to circle around me when I am preaching. They are somewhat like the Indians circling a wagon train. Today's debate against was on the subject of the mindlessness of atheistic thought

Thursday - Penn State University

Remember above when Sel was praying for the atheists? In these shots, Pat, one of the atheists, asked me to pray for him. The first shot is when he asked me, and the second was the prayer. His request was for a test he was going into. No, not a spiritual test, a classroom test. When he asked me he reminded me of a testimony that I had related to them many months ago.

Years ago I was witnessing to my brother about the fact that God can aid us in school. I told Lyle about how the Lord aided me in my work. Many times I would get to a point in a problem that I could not solve, and the Lord would give me the answer. The most dramatic was one time that the teleprocessing network for Fidelity Bank in Philadelphia would crash about tree times a day. When it did, all banking stopped in all 240 branches. The computer would have to be rebooted to get every thing up and running.

Needless to say that when the system crashed, my bosses would become very interested in my work. You see, I was the system programmer responsible for the teleprocessing network. For weeks my feet were in the fire. I would sit all day researching the problem without success. My bosses were getting more and more agitated for the solution. But the solution was not readily forthcoming.

After several weeks of failure, I was concerned for my job. The natives were restless. I finally got to a place where every avenue had been tried, and there were no more to try. I gave up. I crossed my arms, leaned back in my chair, and prayed, "Okay Lord, I can't find it. You're going to have to show me". I quieted my mind, and began to think on other more pleasant things.

About 4-5 minutes went by, when suddenly the Lord, through the Spirit, said "Look at this listing". I looked at where the Spirit had indicated. Then He said, "Look over here". Again I looked. Then He said, "Look at this place in the core dump" (The actual contents of memory at the instant of the crash.) Like a flash bulb, the answer became more than clear. There is was in the core dump.

The first listing was a listing of a main program that called a subroutine. The second listing was the subroutine. The main program had defined one of the fields being passed to the subroutine as 64 characters long. The subroutine had defined that same field as 32 characters. What was happening was that when the main program called the subroutine, it passed it 64 characters, but when the subroutine passed the information back, it had been truncated to only 32 characters. What the Lord showed me in the core dump was the 32 characters I was expecting to see followed by 32 spaces. The chopped off data then caused the main program to fail.

All of that to tell you about my brother.

My brother was attending a very prestigious Ivy league school. He had a test in a subject that had run out of books before he was able to get one. The test was on the book, which he did not own. He was very worried. I related the story I just wrote and told him that the Lord could help him in the test. I explained how the Holy Spirit is able to bring back anything we have heard, read, or thought.

Joh 14:26 But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and <b>bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you</b>.

I continued to explain that by trusting Him, we enable this principle to work in our lives. I instructed Lyle to not get anxious while taking the test. If there is a question he does not know, skip it, and say a prayer for the answer. I told him emphatically to not start to worry or to fear, but just to let his request to be know, then to quiet his brain and trust. Anxiety and fear blocks our ability to discern the answer. I told him just to skip the question, relax, and move on. Within a couple of minutes the answer would "pop" into his mind, when he wasn't "listening" for it. He agreed to try it. He really didn't have much choice since he could not buy the book.

Several days later, Lyle came into my room, lit up like a Christmas tree. He said, "It worked!! And guess what".

I said "What?".

Lyle said, "I passed the test!! And guess what else".

I said "What?".

Lyle said, "I got the highest score in the class!! I got a 100%"

It had worked exactly as I told him it would. He got a 100 in a test on a book he did not won. Not bad!

And all that to tell you about Pat. He remembered the testimony and asked me for prayer for his test. I instructed Pat in how to take the test, and prayed for him. Since the test was on Thursday, and on Friday Spring Break began, I won't know the outcome till the week of March 16th. Pat is very near to salvation. I believe he will be the first atheist to be converted. A couple of weeks ago he commented that we Christians are so much nicer than his atheist "friends". His name is Pat when you pray.

Friday - Penn State University

Spring Break begins tomorrow. Today the campus is almost deserted. We did not preach. Instead I began to get caught up on back work.

All of the week of March 9th-13th, I will be working on my backlog. Back t preaching on the 16th.

Again I apologize this journal is so long.

See you next week,


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