Issue 22 - Mar 9 - Apr 10

troubled on every side, yet not distressed; perplexed, but not in despair; Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed

Let me get straight to a point I have been trying to avoid for some time. I realized when I went back into the ministry from a job that paid pretty good, I might have some lag time in building support. I've told you all before how you came to be on my mailing list. I consolidated all the CC: lists from all of the email rings, journals, and newsletters that came into my Inbox. I recognized to all intents and purposes, since the majority of the emails I received were primarily ministry reports and support request letters, that I would be building a ministry where many others had already been laboring. Forgive me but I had to start somewhere. I hoped that the mine had not been "mined out", so that I could work the tailings, and eke out a living. I hoped that I would be able by the journal to prove some worth for my ministry. It appears I may have been wrong.

When I started, I had a good cash reserve, a fairly valuable stock portfolio, a home and 4 rental properties on three separate pieces of ground. A year and a third later, the cash reserve, plus another borrowed $8,000, is gone. The stock portfolio has been gutted by the market crash. My 32,000 shares, once worth $3.50 per share, are now worth 8 cents a share. I have three credit cards with sizable balances. And last but not least, I made a big mistake on my South Carolina taxes that resulted in a lien being placed on my home for $3000.

I placed one of my properties, a house and barn on 40 acres, on the market. When I had no takers after several months, I dropped the price $10,000. There still has been no interest. I tried to get a clay quarry next to my distant property to mine the coal and the underlying clay under my tract. But even though they expressed enthusiastic interest, I could not get them to move.

Well, the bottom is rushing up to meet me. This month I could not pay the main mortgage. Instead I applied for a mortgage restructuring under the Obama bailout plan. It may be that the Lord is taking me up on my word. When I agreed to come back to preaching, I said, "Yes, Lord, I will go back. I don't see how I can do it, but even if it means losing my home, I will go back to the ministry." I realize that each of you have your own causes and you support them. I knew full well that this might be the case when I first compiled my mailing list.

But here I am, 16 months into ministry building, hat in hand, seeking help. Here is the help I need.

I need your prayers. If the Father does not intervene, I, evangelist Gary Cattell, his family, and two other Christians will be out on the streets.

I need your suggestions on whether there is anything I can do with this journal to expand it's circulation. At this point, the only way I can see being able to avoid foreclosure is to increase my circulation and hopefully raise more support.

Am I making mistakes? Are there things you enjoy and would like to see more of? Are there things that you object to?

Do you know of any one else who might be interested in my journal? I had hoped for some referrals, but after 16 months, I have had only one request to be put on the list. I had a lot more requests to be removed, which I honored immediately.

Can any of you help me out with suggestions?

I don't want to poach another man's support, but if I can't raise some more awareness of my ministry, I will be faced with an outcome I am not really sanguine with. Every day, though, I am not anxious nor fearful. I am full of grace, and sometimes anticipation. If the Lord is going to do a miracle, then it is very soon.

Penn State had Spring Break March 9th - March 15th. I stayed in State College and got caught up on a lot of back work, both for my nascent corporation, DMCons, Inc., and for my internet clients. I also did taxes for a number of friends and family.

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork

Monday, March 16th. The ever faithful atheists were on hand. I started out talking about the preponderance of evidence in the world for the truths of God. I laid out many of the more than obvious facts, not just-so-stories, that can only be explained by a world wide flood. We find MILLIONS of mammoths and mastodons up above the arctic circle, where today only lichen grows. A full grown elephant needs 300 points of grass a day. What did those mastodons and mammoths eat? The evidence points to a temperate climate in the past. Above the arctic circle, the ground is made up of permafrost. It is a slurry of ground up vegetation and mud, frozen down to the depths of several miles. What natural process ground up the vegetation and mixed it up with tens of thousands of cubic miles of mud like a gigantic cement mixer ?

In the Antarctic, ten foot ferns were discovered under the ice shelf. Not only ferns, but coal deposits also. How could enough vegetation so as to produce massive coal seams grow in the frozen continent? If it did not grow there, how was a massive amount of vegetation, sufficient to produce coal seams transported to the continent.

Theropods, Sauropods, a Nodosaurid Ankylosaur, Cryolophosaurus's, hadrosaurs, a Hypsilophodontid, iguanodontids, Plateosaurid prosauros, Lystrosaurus's, mosasaurs, and plesiosaurs have all been discovered in Antarctica. All of these are cold blooded, therefore had to have lived in a temperate climate. Which is easier to believe? That a temperate continent "drifted" south to it's current position, without any plausible mechanism to do so? Or that the Antarctic continent was at one time warm.

I went over many more topics that point to the fact that the Bible is an accurate history of the world. Some of these are (in no particular order):

  1. Rock Ice in upper latitudes
  2. Flash frozen mammoths, some standing on their feet with frozen daisies in their mouth above the arctic circle, where daisies now do not grow
  3. Parallel rock layers without any evidence of erosion between the layers
  4. Sedimentary rock covers 90% of the earth
  5. Sedimentary rock must be laid down by a flood
  6. The thicker the rock layers, the greater the flood needed to make the deposits
  7. Sedimentary rocks up to 5 miles thick
  8. Deposits of water rounded gravel covering thousands of square miles up to 5 miles deep in north central America
  9. Rock strata that are compressed and bent into folded mountains, without any crushing of the rock, indicating the rock was bent while SOFT
  10. Composite mountain ranges made up of only water rounded boulders, some the size of houses.
  11. Marine fossils on the tops of all mountain ranges
  12. Land animal fossils throughout the sedimentary deposits in all oceans
  13. Rock layers bearing older fossils on TOP of layers bearing younger fossils (noncomformities are abundant in the earth)
  14. Sea mounts (extinct volcanos flattened on top by wave action) all over the world, and all more than 300 feet below the surface
  15. The existence in the Black sea of ancient villages, docks, and boats at 300 feet below the surface
  16. Coral deposits going down thousands of feet (coral can not grow more than 50 feet below the surface
  17. Petrified trees of gigantic proportions (one was about 900 feet tall)
  18. Fossilized giant humans up to 20 feet tall, found all over the world
  19. Petrified trees extending through 14-20 layers of coal (Polystrate trees abound around the world)
  20. Human artifacts brought up from Cambrian layer rocks (Forbidden Archaeology)
  21. Living Fossils (Species that look the same today as they did supposedly millions of years ago)
  22. The crust of the earth cracked and broken like an egg shell (The fountains of the deep opened up)
  23. Many vast subterranean lakes, rivers, and aquifers.
  24. Underwater Canyons eroded in the continental shelf up to 1500 feet below the sea level

Then I went on to the subject of chirality, but I will say more about that later.

Today was a victory, and several more days would follow. I actually was able to bring the atheists to stunned silence, having nothing to say in defense of their favorite myth.

Toward the end of the day, a fellow entered the crowd and asked a student who I was. When told I was Bro Cope, he exclaimed he used to listened to me back in 1982. He was amazed I was still at it. He asked if he could have a picture taken to show his friends. I took one also. He told me his name but I...Oh Look a squirrel! What was I saying? Ah the many joys of growing old. Everything is always so fresh and new.

Tuesday March 17th, the CMUSA Bulletin Board needed more work, and the weather was bad, so I worked at home.

Fearfully and wonderfully made

Wednesday March 18th The subject of chirality again put atheists into a corner, angry, and vocal, but unable to respond with any kind of intelligent response. I got the talk on tape. You can view it at

Chemical compounds come in two forms called left-handed and right-handed. Chemically they are the identical, but one form bends light beams to the left and the other form bends light beams to the right. The problem of chirality is that all proteins in all living things consist ONLY of left-handed amino acids, and all RNA and DNA consist of right-handed nucleic acids. Certain things we know for sure.

  1. When formed naturally, left and right handed forms are created in equal distribution.
  2. If life first formed in a primordial soup of amino and nucleic acids, both the left and right handed forms would have been equally utilized, because there is no intelligence in chemical bonding to discriminate between L and R type molecules. They are chemically identical.
  3. The presence of an R type amino acid renders a protein nonfunctional. If several occur in a cell, the cell will die.
  4. The presence of L type nucleic acids renders RNA and DNA nonfunctional. Replication stops and the cell dies.
  5. Evolution could only apply to populations of organisms that survive and reproduce, since evolution has to do with survivability. In order for evolution to even begin to do it's magic, the population must be alive. Evolution "selects" the more viable organisms above the other living organisms. So in order for there to be any evolution, the population must be surviving.
  6. Wrong handed forms in either proteins or RNA/DNA kill the cell. Therefore evolution could not have happened. All proteins and RNA/DNA would have had equally distributed L and R type acids. None would have survived to reproduce. Without a surviving population evolution is impossible.
  7. It requires an intelligence sufficiently high as to be able to override the laws governing chemical bonding.

I had one fellow insist that in laboratory experiments, scientists are able to formulate only left handed amino acids. That proves evolution, he crowed. I pointed out that in order to overcome the natural laws of chemical bonding, it took intelligence (the lab guys) and rigidly controlled conditions (the equipment) to do it. That does not prove random forces in random distributions of raw materials can do it. It proves intelligence is needed to overcome the natural chemical bonding laws. So his example is just another proof that what I am saying is true. Score one for the preacher.

If life began in a primordial soup made up of amino acids created by natural means, it would be impossible to have only left-handed forms. Any organism formed in a natural pool of ingredients would have both L and R forms in them. But that is not true anywhere in the world. The prediction of evolutionists is falsified when compared to what really happens. To have only one form in proteins and only the other form in nucleic acids requires intelligent intervention. It is an inescapable proof that life on earth did not come about by random forces in some primordial slime.

Abraham believed God, and it was counted
unto him for righteousness.

Thursday March 19th, I didn't get a chance to preach. Instead I had a great conversation with Roman, an agnostic non-practicing Conservative Jew, about Jewish objections to Jesus. He cited the things that the rabbis say that Messiah must fulfill - like rebuilding the Temple, overthrowing Israel's enemies. I countered with the prophesies that say Jesus will fulfill all those things. He resisted everything I had to say, until I stopped addressing points he apparently had been fully briefed on.

Where I made progress is when I pointed out a simple fact that all Jesus was doing was restoring Judaism to the place it started. Abraham "believed in the LORD; and he counted it to him for righteousness" - Gen 15:6. That tells me two things. First, God speaks to man. Second that man can hear and obey. Four hundred years later when God made a covenant with the nation of Israel, He patterned that covenant after how Abraham listened and obeyed. The first line of that covenant was this:

De 28:1 And it shall come to pass, if thou shalt hearken diligently unto the voice of the LORD thy God, to observe and to do all his commandments which I command thee this day, that the LORD thy God will set thee on high above all nations of the earth:

Israel was committing itself to the very thing that Abraham did and God counted it as righteousness - listen to God. The Hebrew word translated voice in this passage is this:

06963. lwq qowl, kole or qol {kole}; from an unused root meaning to call aloud; a voice or sound:--+ aloud, bleating, crackling, cry (+ out), fame, lightness, lowing, noise, + hold peace, (pro-)claim, proclamation, + sing, sound, + spark, thunder(-ing), voice, + yell. It can in no way be confused with the Law. Qowl is an audible voice.

Obviously God meant for Israel to listen and obey, as Abraham did. It was to God that Israel was to listen, not the Law. The Law was added later because of Israel's wickedness. Ga 3:19 Wherefore then serveth the law? It was added because of transgressions... and again 1Ti 1:9-10 Knowing this, that the law is not made for a righteous man, but for the lawless and disobedient, for the ungodly and for sinners, for unholy and profane, for murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers, for manslayers, For whoremongers, for them that defile themselves with mankind, for menstealers, for liars, for perjured persons, and if there be any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine;

To the contrary, the righteous man does not do the things that God disallows in the Law because he is listening and obeying God. The law can only do one thing - appeal to the selfishness of man to restrain him from doing wrong, by placing a very great price on breaking the law. Think of it. What brilliance on God's part. The righteous listen and obey. The unrighteous refuse to listen, so He jacks the cost of sin so high that the man's own sinfulness acts to constrain his behavior. Miss that?

All sin is rooted in selfishness. The law places a very high price on law breaking, thus dissuading man from sinning. The cost (the sanctions of the law) work to keep a man from sinning for fear of the great cost. Man's self preservation selfishness used to restrain his sinful selfish.

My last point had the most impact, I think. I contrasted Abraham's righteousness and the righteousness of Rabbinical Judaism, and compared them to the righteousness of Adam before and after the fall. Adam's righteousness before the fall was the same as Abraham's. They both listened to God and were taught by Him. However, Adam was deceived into taking another pathway to God. The alternate path was to acquire knowledge and to think that knowledge alone was sufficient to make one like God. The basis of the lie was that acquiring knowledge was the moral equivalent of having your character shaped by God.

Then I pointed out that Rabbinical Judaism is identical in principal to the deception of Adam. The Jews turned from listening to God like Abraham, to the acquisition of knowledge like fallen Adam. In Jesus' words:

Joh 5:39-40 You search the scriptures, because you think that in them you have eternal life; and it is they that bear witness to me; yet you refuse to come to me that you may have life.

As long as the Jews insist on trying to make Adam's way work, they will never fulfill what God said for them to do:

Listen and obey.

After preaching David Nice (a very dear old friend) and I went to an Anglican church for free soup. We met a Messianic Jew by the name of Daniel, and had nice time of fellowship with him. He invited us out to his Saturday service. When I get back, I will take him up on the invitation.

Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings thou hast brought perfect praise

Friday, March 20th, I preached several times today, but because of it being Friday, I got no traction. Ed A. brought his two young sons to pass out tracts. Brave boys they are. They parry those tracts like swords.
No videos today.

For who hath despised the day(s) of small things?

Monday, March 23rd Got on campus late due to working on CMUSA BB. Preached once at 3:20 - to the bricks and squirrels - a ghost town. Preached on old time prophets to turn people from their sins. Any nation that turns from God will be turned into Hell.Tuesday, March 24th Took a girl who needed a ride to go to surgery to the hospital in Danville, 90 miles away. It took all day. I talked with her boyfriend on the drive home about the Lord.
Thursday, March 26th Worked on the CMUSA BB, paid bills, addressed financial issues.Friday, March 28th Weather was cold and raining. I bagged going out on campus, instead put in more time on CMUSA BB issues.
Tuesday, March 31st Worked on taxes and restructuring of mortgage, have to get done before heading out to MissouriWednesday, April 1st Worked on taxes and restructuring of mortgage
Friday April 3rd Weather was not good. Cold and raining. I bagged going out on campus and started out on my trip to Missouri to preach for a month with Jed. 

Things which are seen were not made of things which do appear

Wednesday, March 25th I started on kids seeming to know everything but really don't. It was a soft flabby dud. The next class break, I started again on the Bib Bang. I challenged the ever present ever faithful atheists that either God created everything from nothing, or nothing created everything from nothing. It was an obvious absurdity, which they jumped at. I asked them if they believed in the big bang theory, and they said yes.

Let's go back to the point of the big bang, I said. Just prior to the big bang, and we know for a fact that there was a big bang, what existed? They answered "Nothing".

I still don't know why the atheists like to circle me like Indians.

So, I said, you believe that "nothing" made everything. They couldn't get their minds around the absurdity of it. We posit an intelligent God with GREAT power created all things. They say that is unbelievable. Is it easier to believe nothing, which has no properties whatsoever is the cause of all things. The atheists hate this.

"We don't know where everything came from or what was before the big bang." First off, they don't understand what is posited in the big bang. The most popular theory says that a point in nothingness with no size and no mass began to spin and expand.

In the next trillionth of a second, matter, energy, time, and space itself came into existence. Space expanded at a speed faster than the speed of light, then slowed down for a little while, before once again expanding to fill the universe.

What existed before the big bang, I asked again. Nothing existed. So you are reduced to hypothesizing that nothing, absolutely nothing directed the formation of all that we see out of nothing. Oh the absurdity of it all. They are very vocal in denouncing of this absurdity. They refuse to see that this is what they believe.

I took them in a different direction to try to nail their slippery mercurial minds down to something understandable. All that we see in the universe is governed by unchangeable natural laws - chemical, electromagnetic, quantum physics, everything adheres to these natural laws. It is to the natural laws that evolutionists retreat to defend their fable. "Evolution is only following natural law". They also insist that the big bang was also merely following natural laws.

So, I asked this question. Just before the big bang, where was natural law and how was it defined. They saw it coming, but could not get out of the way. The only answer they could give was that natural law came into existence at the same time as matter, energy, time, and space. They did not want to admit to a causation that preexisted the big bang. "Then how can you say that natural law directed the big bang? Something can not be self creating. If the natural laws were created in the same instant as matter, energy, time, and space, then natural laws could not have directed the very process that created them. It is a logical absurdity. I knew what was coming next. "Natural law existed independent of the matter, energy, time and space that it regulates."

Gothca, atheists!

Either natural law came into existence at the point of creation, or it preexisted everything. If it came into existence at the point of creation, then the creation itself had to have been done by some cause that was also outside of the universe and natural law. Laws can not create themselves. If it was in existence before anything existed, it had to have been created by God, as natural law exhibits logic, order, design, and purpose. You can not have law that exhibits logic, order, design, purpose existing independent of all things without intelligence and power that also exists independent of all things. The big bang, if true, would be a prima facia proof of the existence of God. Do you think I could get them to admit that? Even in the corner, they could only bluster and fume, ranting that my proof is flawed. If so, I'm afraid I can't see it.

Take a step back and see how someone else does it

Monday, March 30th I went out to campus. The weather was cold, and I had no traction. But later that night, Michael Behe, one of the founders of the "Intelligent Design" movement spoke on campus. He spoke on the fundamentals of intelligent design as a coherent construct for scientific research.

It was an amazing turnout. Every atheist was there along with just everybody else. The room they picked might have held 250, but easily 400 showed up. They were sitting in the isles and standing room only in the rear.

I taped the whole 2 hour presentation. Anyone who makes a $25 dollar donation toward my ministry, I will send you a copy. I did receive permission to tape the presentation before I started. It was a good presentation, not too technical, just right for college aged heads full of mush.

These pictures were taken about fifteen minutes before the meeting began. By the time it got under way, every space was filled.

A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.

Thursday, April 2nd Got out but weather was still a little cold. I got a nice little crowd and engaged the atheists on the subject of the pride of knowledge. Most of what we think we know is acquired through trusting the one telling us. Somehow this morphed into a discussion on absolute morality and the inability to establish absolute morality as long as morality is the personal opinion of any individual. At the end of the conversation, I got a chance to talk to a Jewish student. He was open to talk but tried to anticipate each biblical argument I might make - no animal sacrifice, Isaiah 53, the sufferings of Christ portrayed in the prophecies. I could tell he had been witnessed to a WHOLE LOT. So I said, I just want to ask you two questions.

Then I read him Isaiah 31:4-5 For thus hath the LORD spoken unto me, Like as the lion and the young lion roaring on his prey, when a multitude of shepherds is called forth against him, he will not be afraid of their voice, nor abase himself for the noise of them: so shall the LORD of hosts come down to fight for mount Zion, and for the hill thereof. As birds flying, so will the LORD of hosts defend Jerusalem; defending also he will deliver it; and passing over he will preserve it.

I repeated these phrases: "Come down to fight", "As birds flying", "passing over He will preserve it". My first question is this: "Is this a passage about the Messiah of Israel?" He said it was.

Then I read to him the very next verse, Isaiah 31:6 Turn ye unto him from whom the children of Israel have deeply revolted.

My second question is this: "Who else in all of history has Israel DEEPLY revolted against, other than Jesus?"

He was stunned into speechlessness. He could not answer.


To the uttermost ends of the world

Monday, April 6th, Columbia MO The day was very cold. I preached as long as I could. When it started snowing I packed it in. A Christian young man sat down and talked with me. He liked the preaching because it brings people to the point of defending what they believe. Most people don't know why they believe what they believe. He understood the necessity of the confrontational style to force an examination of what one believes

Tuesday, April 7th The weather was fair, a little cold. I Started up twice, but could not get any traction. The first preach was on the coming collapse, the new world order, the IMF, and the regathering of Israel. The 2nd preach. I preached on "Poor Atheists", Always fighting against something that does not exist, like Don Quixote. What a waste of a life that must be, fighting imaginary enemies, and then the indignity of having to always fall back on the supernatural in order to argue there is no supernatural.

Think about the futility of trying to use logic, which has no natural existence whatsoever, to prove that the only things that are real are those with a material existence. Every word they utter depends on the prior existence of the supernatural in order to frame the very thought that there is no God.

I gathered a couple of very small (5-6) groups, but couldn't get any responses from them until the very end. An ex-Christian atheist began to ask some serious questions. We had a very good discussion and I think I answered some of his questions in ways he had never considered. I Left around 4:00.

Here a little, there a little

Wednesday, April 8th The weather was good, warm and sunny. When I got to campus there was a film crew in the speaker's circle filming some strange sci-fi movie.

I did not start preaching until the end of their shoot. I started around 1:00 at the tail end of a rush of students. Consequently that break I didn't get much going. As I waited for the next class break, Cindy showed up, and I turned it over to her. When she started to preach, the students cheered and a crowd formed immediately. It was classic Cindy.

"Okay students, the party time is over..." I've always enjoyed her preaching. She spanks the students like a stern mother. Unfortunately she had to leave, so she turned it back over to me after about 35 minutes. I perceived that this crowd was looking to be entertained, so I tried some more radical things to get and cement their attention. Before too long, though, their attention span began to crumble as side conversations sprang up, and I lost them. I was not able to make the switch from attention gathering to serious discussion.

At the end though, three young men did sit down in the Speakers Circle, and we discussed many issues involving science. The one fellow was a biology student, and I could not make any headway with him on 'intelligent design' arguments, so I switched over to geology and discussed what we did know. I continually had to point out that I was talking about things that were known, and not merely the speculation of people making up stories that they passed off as scientific evidence. They invited out to dinner, but I declined.

And the rain was upon the earth forty days and forty nights...

Thursday, April 9th It was cold and drizzly, Speakers Circle was occupied by a tent promoting a student website. They had a roulette wheel and were passing out several types of promotional prizes promoting the website. I waited close to 2 hours, but they were not close to winding down. I went into McD's for bite to eat. When I came out it was raining. I left for home.
Friday, April 10th The day dawned cold, rainy, and windy. I stayed in and worked on the BB.

The annual Easter March

Saturday, April 11th Each year the Smocks make a trek around the town before Easter, This year I was fortunate enough to come along. Below are some photos from this tradition.

From Jed's Journal


April 11, Holy Saturday, Columbia, MO

Bro Cope, Cindy, the girls and I walked the main thoroughfares of Columbia after dinner to sunset. We wore our YOU DESERVE HELL T-shirts and Bro wore a shirt which said, JESUS SAVES FROM SIN AND HELL. Bro and I carried my staff crucifixes. John G. made me another Crucifix staff with a wooden cross which was in the mail upon my arrival home.

The staff is lighter than the first one he made and is better for walking. The first staff is a little large and heavy for a walking stick; but it good for leaning on after a long day of preaching. We marched past some of the city's nightly hangouts for students. It was early for many students to be out; nevertheless, we confronted scores with the death of Christ and personally witnessed to several, not to mention those driving by in cars.

As we passed by individuals or groups, some sitting at sidewalk cafes, I would announce such things as, 'Jesus died for our sins. Will you live for Him?' Strangely, the most positive response was received from a group of homeless men sitting on the wall of the Episcopal Church. One of them asked for prayer.

One fellow walking out of a Pizza Parlor holding a baby, speaking to the baby said, 'Look at the crazy people.' But who are really the crazy ones? Is it not those who are indifferent to the sufferings of our Savior, even during this wonderful week when we remember and should be proclaiming the Gospel?

Me, Jed, Priscilla, and Martha

Martha and me

Me and Priscilla

Me, Priscilla, Cindy, and Jed

Jed and Cindy



See you next week,


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