Issue 25 - Apr 27- May 3

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Odds and ends

I received this response from a reader. I pass it on to you with my response. My response is in red font.

Brother Cope,

Reasons to Believe has done another set of podcasts based on Dr. Ross's new book, "More than a Theory." They are free. I think it would be worth your while to just take a few hours and listen to what he has to say.

One thing that he talked about where it regards science and the Bible was the way we become dogmatic in our thinking because we think we understand what the Bible is saying when science proves those things wrong. It doesn't falsify the Bible but science does falsify someone's understanding of the text. The Bible is 100% on track. Carbon dating is a fine example of a YEC point that is easily falsified through astronomy and through other means of dating.

I agree that this happens, but in the case of YEC (Young Earth Creationists), the evidence is there. The presence of Carbon-14 in deposits that are supposed to be 240-260 myo can not be explained away by any kind of rational or natural argument. The deposits tested were taken off the coal face in the mine and siphoned off the well heads. The men who did this were qualified scientists who understood the necessity of preventing contamination. The procedures that they used were designed to protect against any outside contamination of the samples.

Even so, I might expect that contamination could be introduced, say by the chisel used to chip the coal off the coal face in the mine. But when ten times the detectable level of Carbon-14 is found in ALL sources - coal, oil, natural gas, and diamonds, then the likelihood that contamination occurred in all cases is vanishingly small. Consider that the samples were collected in three different fashions. Consider the crystalline structure of diamonds - so dense that contamination finding it's way into the diamond is impossible.

I had an evolutionist math/physics major calculate for me the length of time it would take to convert one pound of pure carbon-14 into one pound of carbon-12, given the half life of 5730 years for C-14. The figure he gave me was 333,333 years. That is a huge difference from the 240,000,000-260,000,000 year supposed age of the Carboniferous period. Making it even more impossible, if that is possible, is the fact that C-14 represents only one trillionth of all the carbon atoms in the world. The argument from C-14 is not one of interpretation of data, as almost all astronomical "proofs" are. It is a mathematical certainty that the presence of C-14 in carboniferous deposits can not be explained if the ages of the deposits are in actuality 240-260 myo.

There isn't just one means of dating. And dating methods are not the only means science uses to determine how old something is. It is the very fact that we can determine these things that shows that God has given us a testable universe. When YEC tries to suggest that science is a ruse and has no ability to test anything, they falsify the Bible worse than anything else because God demands that we test all things, hold fast to that which is good. He says that He is CLEARLY SEEN in the things that are made. If we try to say that time or the speed of light changed over the years without any proof of such a thing, then what we are really saying is that all that we can see is NOT clearly seen but just a bunch of stuff we can never comprehend. That isn't true though. God has given man great understanding by giving us constants like the speed of light and the constancy of time. It is the very fact that there isn't chaos but these absolute truths that point to a Creator God. If nature were at the wheel, we would expect all kinds of chaos.

I don't say science is a ruse and has no ability to test anything. I say that when one approaches a problem with vast unproved presuppositions, one is essentially blinded from seeing what God has left for us to see. If one rejects the creation out of hand, how can that person be able to see creation attested to by the evidence? They are blinded and CAN NOT see.

And as far as the speed of light changing, it is not the case that there is no proof of such a thing. The science that I referred to concerning the change in the speed of light is not based upon the work of one man. Nor is it an untestable hypothesis. It is based upon measurements made for the last 350 years. I remember when Setterfield first published back in the 80's. Such a firestorm of controversy. But as time played out, more and more people began to see that the evidence is compelling. For one thing, the stretching of space itself, which is the mechanism for the decrease in the speed of light, explains the red-shift of light coming from distant galaxies. First off, that undermines the estimates of the size of the universe, because it is the red-shift that is used to calculate the distance to those stars. Secondly, it reconciles several irreconcilable observations in cosmology. For example it explains why it appears that some galaxies are observed at traveling at close to the speed of light, but are not destroyed by the forces associated with such a speed.

The change of the speed of light can not be true unless associated constants are also seen to be changing. Planck's constant has been measured to have been increasing. Planck's constant is a measurement of the energy contained in a perfect vacuum at 0 degrees K (called Zero Point Energy). Planck's constant is inversely related to the speed of light. As the speed of light decreases, Planck's constant must increase. It has been verified that it has increased.

In the equation E=MC2, as the speed of light decreases, then mass must increase in order for the Law of Conservation of Energy to be observed. Lo and behold, the rest masses of atomic particles have been measured as increasing. Since the rotational speed of electrons is influenced by the mass of the particles, then the rotational speeds of electrons must decrease as orbital distances must increase due to increase electron mass. The time standard of the world is the Cesium clock, which uses electron orbits as the "tick" of the clock. The Cesium atomic clock has been verified as having lost ticks when compared with the rotational clock of the earth orbiting the sun. This is what would be expected if the speed of light is changing.

The most compelling evidence in my mind for the change in the speed of light is the very existence of radioactive elements in the earth. I can not accept that God looked upon what He had just created and declared it to be good, while at the same time His creation was unstable and falling apart. The creation became unstable as a result of the fall.

One of the results of the change in the speed of light was that the heaviest elements became unstable. As the speed of light decreased, the masses of their particles increased. They became unstable because the repulsive forces in the nucleus became stronger than the nuclear force holding them together. The greater the mass, the greater the repulsive force. Because the law of the conservation of energy, the nuclear forces were conserved, but the repulsive forces were increased as the mass of the particles increased.

For years I have been predicting that if my views are correct we will see lighter elements suddenly becoming radioactive. At the end of last year, there was just such an announcement in the press. Two isotopes of stable elements that were not known to unstable, were found to be radioactive. I wish I had saved the reference, but I did not. It does not matter. It will happen again. Our universe is headed for a time in the not to distant future when all the elements will melt with fervent heat and dissolve. That is what the creation is headed for, and also an indicator that the creation is not static but dynamic. A dynamic creation allows for changes in the speed of light. The creation is headed for a gigantic fireball and all the elements will be dissolved.

The changing of the speed of light does away with the supposedly huge astronomical ages of the universe. When the data is analyzed and an equation is fit to the various data sets, the age of the earth comes down to thousands of years, not billions of years. Think of the evidence that you believe shows immense ages as having been created when the atomic clock was running at much greater speeds. That gave the appearance of age, but it is deceptive. The only way that your astronomical and radiometric dates can be accurate indicators of an immense age for the universe is if the speed of light, and the passage of atomic time have been fixed. The measured evidence indicates otherwise.

Consider this. If the equation E=MC2 defines the relationship between mass and the speed of light, at the beginning of time when there was no mass yet created, then the equation reduced to E=C2. The total energy of the universe is equal to the speed of light squared, with an immeasurably greater value for C. Because the total energy of the Universe must remain constant, when God began to create matter, the speed of light must have decreased. As more matter was created, the speed of light had to continually decrease in order to keep the total energy of the universe at a constant. The Law of the Conservation of Mass and Energy requires that when matter came into existence from nothing, the speed of light absolutely had to decrease.

Think about it. Einstein's equation, if accepted as true, proves one of two things. Either both the speed of light and the total mass of the universe are constant, in which case matter is infinite in existence and God did not create it. Or both mass and the speed of light are variable, in which case the universe was created in time by God, starting with nothing, drawing energy from light and forming matter. The total energy of the universe remained constant.

The observed changes in the speed of light, Planck's constant, rest mass of atomic particles, and the slowing of the nuclear clock are all proofs of instantaneous creation.

Your position that the speed of light could not have changed requires that, since the total energy of the universe is a constant, the exact total mass of the universe must have always existed for all times. Any creation under those circumstances is impossible. Your position denies the existence of infinite God in favor of infinite mass, if the speed of light is unchangeable.

In fact the universe absolutely can not be held constant, since we all know that mass is being converted into energy in the cores of all stars. That means that the total mass of the universe is decreasing as mass is consumed. This is incompatible algebraically with Einstein's theorem. In E=MC2, as M decreases, unless the speed of light INCREASES, E would in turn decrease. But since the Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy dictates that the total energy must remain constant, C2 can not be fixed but variable. Thus as mass is consumed in the cores of stars, in order to obey the Law of Conservation, the speed of light must increase.

The speed of light over the last 350 years has been consistently decreasing, until around 1970, at which time it began to level off and rise. According to E=MC2, the decrease in C2 would have been caused by the creation of mass in a recent creation, the leveling off would have been the indication that the creation of mass came into equilibrium with the destruction of mass in stars, and the slight slow increase since 1970 would indicate that the creation/destruction cycle has passed the tipping point over to destruction. I predict that as the speed of light is continually measured, that the increase will actually accelerate. The Biblical end of the world is a big bang. All elements will be dissolved in intense heat. When scientists see the speed of light accelerating greatly, they had better get ready for the day of judgment.

All of these things, when taken together, indicate SCIENTIFICALLY that the speed of light has changed. Asserting that the speed of light could not have changed places you in the group that can not think outside the box. The physical evidence shows it has. I am a stickler about evidence. I can tell the difference between assertion and evidence.

The record of nature is equally valid as something that God has left to prove He is real. Since He is not a liar, there is no way to explain these things away through supernatural occurrences when the absolute proof shows that the universe had a beginning 14 billion years ago. If we try to suggest that those things are not true, we make God out to be a liar. And that right there is a lie. That beginning is only related in the Bible ex nihilo No other holy book declares this fact. And when you compare 14 billions years to infinity, it is really a blip on the screen. It is nothing.

But if God said He did it in 6 days, to try to say that it actually took 14 billion years, who is calling God a liar?

I agree with you concerning evolution. But I wholeheartedly disagree with the idea that the earth is 6000 years old and it is that very argument that is doing more harm than good. I have spent hours upon hours trying to talk to these now declared atheists who are really college age students that have dug in their heels thanks to these YEC arguments that contain no substance but only a few pieces of what they perceive as truth.

Nothing in the record of nature points to a 6000 year old earth. It was this very reason that I tried to share how exciting it is to take what they are learning in their classrooms and show how it is in complete harmony with the Bible. See, they can take that Carbon 14 dating argument back to any professor who will easily tear down the argument. It is really very simple.

Nothing? Are you kidding? The study of geology provides overwhelming evidence of a young earth. The age of every river delta on the planet is 6000-7000 years. The age of the Niagara gorge is 7,000 years. The fact that the Great Lakes are still draining and lowering in depth indicates a small amount of time has passed since they were formed. The very existence of the Salt Lake in Utah indicates a recent formation, less than 10,000 years. The Salt Lake has been continually shrinking since the area was settled. Salt Lake City, in the 1800's was on the shore of the Lake. Now it is several miles away. If the Salt Lake were actually the millions of years old it is supposed to be, it would be nothing but a Salt Flat. Same goes for the Dead Sea in Israel. It too has been drying up. The Israeli government built a pipeline from the Mediterranean to bring in more water to slow down the evaporation rate. The concentration of ions in the ocean indicate the age of the ocean to be no more than 500,000 years (salt). Other ion concentrations indicate ages less than 10,000. Since we know the rate of helium being exuded into the air from the earth, we can estimate the age of the earth at less than 10,000 years.

It is dogmatism that caused the church to reject Galileo when he said, "The earth is traveling around the sun." We need to be able to say, "I am wrong." And let the truth lead.

I'm afraid you don't know what you are talking about. It was not the church that rejected Galileo. It was the scientists that worked for the church that rejected his arguments. That was not a science vs. religion conflict, but a science vs. science conflict. He presented his ideas to the church, and their scientists were not convinced. They made Galileo promise that he would not publish any more on the subject until he could show a proof that the earth was moving. Galileo came up with the argument that tides were the evidence he needed to prove the earth was moving, so he published again.

He was put under house arrest not for his science, but for breaking his word. He was allowed full freedom to work on anything else he wanted, but he could not publish on the subject of the earth orbiting the sun. As it turns out, his proof for the earth moving was wrong, wasn't it.

There are none so blind as scientists. Truly knowledge puffeth up. When this is all over, it will be seen that scientists are guilty of more blood than every dictator who has ever lived combined. They start out rejecting God, try to understand what God has made, and take countless millions into Hell with them.

I know you are tight on finances. But this information is vital to someone who is trying to persuade these young people to the truth. There are many great articles on RTB's web site and through iTunes and they are free for the taking. One is called Science News Flash. It has about 200 podcasts right now. They also did an excellent one called The Cell's Design.

Brother Dick did not present what these folks are teaching. RTB does not believe in Panspermia.

Thank you for all you are doing!

My position is not dictated by theology. I am a scientist, I have a degree in Science. My views are based upon the best science I can find. As far as the students are concerned, reaching them by undermining the theological base of the Bible with science will not bring them to their senses. The Bible says they are WILLINGLY ignorant.

If the Bible is mythological concerning the creation, then the story of the fall is also mythology. If you do away with the creation story, you do away with the fall. If you do away with the fall, you do away with the need for salvation. If you do away with the need for salvation, you do away with the purpose for Jesus' entry into the world. Mythologizing the Bible is the surest way to cause people to go to Hell. No creation-->no fall-->no sin-->no need for forgiveness-->no savior. Jesus, then, was above all the most stupid man who ever lived to lay down his life to save souls when there was no need for Him to do so.

What are you trying to convert them to? If the fall never happened, why should they even consider salvation. If the fall is part of a myth, then so is Hell, and so is judgment day. Where does it end? I'll tell you where - in students with no fear of God, thinking they are safe, but headed for Hell. It is not a good tactic to do away with the very problem Christ came to solve when trying to get people to come to salvation. If the fall is mythology, there is no need for salvation, and the gospel is overthrown.


On the road again

Monday, April 27th.

I was supposed to preach today at Mizzou, then to drive to Terre Haute for Tuesday. It was raining when I got up, and continued to do so until 2:00 pm. I decided to bag Mizzou, and to take off for Terre Haute. Monday was a weather waste. While I drove, I had a friend look up the weather for Terre Haute. It was bleak, rain all day Tuesday.

When I reached Terre Haute, I just kept driving on to Columbus, Ohio, and Ohio State University, or - as Tank MacNamara used to call it - Enormous State University. Anybody remember the cartoon character Tank MacNamara?

Under the spreading Chestnut Tree

Tuesday, April 28th.

Arriving on campus around 12:00 PM, I was pleasantly surprised to see Kerrigan Skelley and John McGlone preaching on the oval in the place where Jed and I usually preach. The weather was negative, spritzing from time to time, just enough to be an annoyance, but not enough to shut us down. I asked John and Kerrigan if they minded if I hung out with them. They were gracious to say it was okay.

Most of the preachers on the campus circuit have partners. A couple do not. Jed has been preaching alone for a long time, and so I think he prefers being alone most of the time. I on the other hand prefer to preach with others. I have often asked the Lord for a partner, but so far, nada. If you think of it, you could pray for that for me.

We were not getting anything going on the oval, so we moved to the side of the oval under some huge chestnut trees for cover. We engaged a young man by the name of Brian, a new convert of several months. As we talked to him, he began to ask questions about some of the doctrines he had encountered in his few months. He had come under the influence of Calvinism. His questions had to do with whether or not a Christian could cease from sin entirely, and if a believer fell away, could he lose his salvation. That doctrine is called "Once saved, always saved".

We pointed out that the teaching that he had encountered about the inescapability of sin was wrong. (There are massive amounts of scripture that indicate that, yes, a Christian can cease from sin, and live a holy life. There are so many that I can not share them in a journal covering general events. If anyone would like to know, I will take time to share with you what the scripture passages are.)

I pointed out that to contend that man can not be free from sin is tantamount to saying that Jesus is not God. For if Jesus CAN NOT set us free from sin, it means that sin must be more powerful than Jesus. Which means He can not be all powerful. Which means that all power and authority in Heaven and on Earth have not been given to Him, Which means that He can not be God. If God can not free us from sin, then sin is more powerful, which means that Satan (he god of sin) is really the sovereign god over all. Saying that a Christian can not stop sinning is the same as pledging loyalty and allegiance to God's enemy.

When I pointed out that "Once saved, always saved" is the polar opposite of the commandments"Be ye holy as I am holy"-1Pe 1:16, and "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect."-Mt 5:48, he understood. There are requirements to get into the Kingdom of God. When the enemy convinced the church that she could not be free from his control, the church had to adjust her doctrine to allow for sin. If sin was inescapable, then the commandment to be perfect was superfluous. Once the commandment to be holy was thrown out, then sin became allowed. The compromise became more like "cut it down to a lower level". Once there was no requirement to cease from sin, that had to be accounted for in the doctrine also. It was accommodated by saying that if ceasing from sin is not necessary, then no sin could cost you your place in heaven. Ergo, Once saved, always saved.

The scriptures indicate that our salvation is dependent on continuing to follow Him. As long as we follow Him, we are safe, but if we turn aside, God can not be required to honor a covenant that we have walked away from. God can not be compelled to do anything. If it were possible, He could not be sovereign. Nothing is greater than God. If there were something that could compel God to act ("Once saved, always saved"), that something would be greater than God, therefore it would be God. And God would be subservient to sinful men, being required to save those who do not obey Him but obey His enemy instead.

He was encouraged and built up in his faith to be more steadfast in temptation. When he knew that complete freedom is possible, he was convinced to shoot for it.

John McGlone began to preach again but was only able to capture the attention of 5-10 students. To my surprise, John called on me to preach. I had been sitting off to the side praying that God would send us a heckler. Usually a good heckler will turn a lackluster day into a day of excitement. Shortly after I started to preach, our heckler arrived - and he was a screamer.

Oh Joy! I love screamers. They are at the same time the best for gathering a crowd, but still a test of patience. A good screamer, at the top of his lung power, will blow his voice out in a few minutes, then having built the crowd, will have to shut up and be quiet. This screamer was exceptionally long winded as he persisted in asking me to state St. Anselms ontological proof of God. I refused to state the argument because I wanted him to scream in a large crowd. After a few minutes, the crowd grew to about 70-80, so I responded.

(St Anselm's argument is that since man can conceive of God, therefore He must exist. Click Here to see the formal definition.) I will have more to say about St Anselms ontological proof of God in a later journal. It seems that evolutionists use it all the time as a proof of evolution. Very interesting.

I am a shameless showman. I didn't even debate the ontological proof as the heckler wanted. Once the crowd was built, I preached on the nature of judgment, holy living, and the justice of an eternal Hell. Most people think that an eternal Hell is overkill on God's part. Why would God punish us for all eternity for sins that we don't think are so bad. (It's not like I killed somebody, I've heard a bazillion times.) I broke it down for them.

God and men are eternal beings. Our souls will continue to exist for ever, since He exists forever and we were made in the image of God. Our sin on earth is evidence to God that we hate Him, and that hatred sends us to Hell. Does anyone, CAN anyone believe that upon finding oneself in Hell that a person could suddenly turn to loving God? I don't think so. Consequently, the hatred that caused that soul to be lost will continue to grow in Hell. Since we are eternal, and since hatred of God in Hell will continue to grow for eternity, true justice requires that Hell be eternal also.

I went on some more. Consider the judgment from God's perspective. Consider His offense in all this. He sent His Son to earth to die so that we could live. His son suffered a most excruciating and brutal death so that our sins could be forgiven. As a result, God offers complete amnesty for all sins past, offers freedom from sin in the future, and offers all the treasures of heaven and earth to boot to anyone who will simply end their war against Him. Complete amnesty and adoption into the very household of God, along with all inheritances, is not a tiny thing.

Ro 8:29 For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren.

Heb 2:10 For it became him, for whom are all things, and by whom are all things, in bringing many sons unto glory, to make the captain of their salvation perfect through sufferings.

God's goodness is manifest in the fact that He has laid out perfect positive motivation - victory over sin and death, the joys and treasures of heaven, and on and on. His goodness is further manifested in that He lays out perfect negative motivation to choose life - the eternity of Hell. And yet, when given the chance to choose, most people will choose Hell. Consider God's indignation against those people who consider His offer to be a joke? I can't begin to comprehend His indignation against them. I think the crowd understood, because there was moment of stunned silence. They are few and far between.

I preached on and off until 4:30, then I left to finish the drive into Penn State.

Professing themselves to be wise...

Wednesday, April 29th

Today at Penn State, I unveiled Darwin's Amazing Fail-safe Test Taking Machine, the prototype. I didn't tape this presentation but I should have. It turned out to be a very tumultuous day. My prototype machine was attacked by Milk the atheist, who kicked the styrofoam box across the plaza surrounding the Willard steps. He did not break it, but only succeeded in denting it. I don't know what set him off. All I was saying is that if evolutionists really believed in the magical powers of random undirected forces to create order, why wouldn't they place their future in it's "hands"? Later Milk and a deist named Pat had a scuffle in the crowd. I wish I had taped it. I don't know what the dust up was about, but I think there has been an ongoing grudge between them. Oh how these atheists love one another! You can always tell an atheist by how much love they exude. ;>)

The atheists were in a high state of dudgeon because I was showing them the foolishness of putting their trust in blind non-directed random forces to bring forth complex order, information, specificity, function, and purpose. They defended evolution because they contended that natural selection was not like my test taking machine. Supposedly natural selection, in their mind, selects out the better adapted critters for survival, and thereby beneficial changes are propagated through the species. I argued that the term natural selection is an oxymoron. The term "natural" means that no intelligence is allowed. But the term "selection" requires intelligence to be involved, since selection is essentially making a value judgment between two alternatives. That can't happen unless intelligence is involved to judge between the contrasting values of a "beneficial" mutation.

It is amazing how people can see that intelligence must be behind the things we see on the earth, but choose to attribute that intelligence to random forces and inanimate objects, rather than to a super intelligent God. Which is smarter? Man or a rock? If man is smarter than a rock, how intelligent is it to say that man was created by a rock? Is this not what evolutionists contend? Yet they think it illogical, in the face of man's innate intelligence, to conclude that our intelligence had to come from an intelligence greater than ours, capable of creating the mysteries of the universe which our puny intelligence can not begin to fathom.

A lesser thing can not bring forth something greater than itself (rock to man). But a greater thing can bring forth a lesser thing (man to car, man to computer, God to man). Evolution is illogical in asserting that nothing created the complex intricate marvel called man. If a rock can not create a man, and a rock is greater than nothingness, how much MORE illogical is it to assert that man was created by nothing.

I also talked about the measured changes in the speed of light, and the implications that it entails on many other branches of science. Most of what I covered is summarized in the Odds and Ends section at the top of this journal.

On the road again

Thursday, April 30th

I was going to go up to Mansfield State in northern PA after preaching on Wednesday, but I found out that they were already in finals. I stayed down one more day to preach at Penn State, and then went up to Mansfield for the kickoff of the steering committee of Kingdom Communities.

I took Darwin's Amazing Fail-safe Test Taking Machine back up on campus, along with my camera, and corrected the error of not taping yesterday. I put the whole presentation up on YouTube. Here is the link:

After preaching at PSU, I drove up to Mansfield PA for the kickoff meeting.

In the beginning...

Friday and Saturday, May 1st and 2nd

This meeting was the beginning of a new work in Pennsylvania. It was a high level meeting with some big hitters with heavy bats. We are biting off as much as we can chew. Our goal is to spark a county wide revival in Tioga County, in the northern tier of Pennsylvania. Our hope is to unite the church at the congregational level behind the evangelization of the county. I will have much more to say about this endeavor as the summer progresses. Below are the principle players in this effort. Over the next several weeks, I will be reporting more about what we are trying to do.

Dr. Cornell L. Haan

Dr. Cornell Haan, better known to friends as "Corkie," seconds himself as the National Facilitator for Special Projects for The Mission America Coalition/The Lighthouse Movement, the cofounder of The Presidential Prayer Team and the Vice President of The World Prayer Team He has been thoroughly involved in the planting of seven churches and as a member of operational boards for the Baptist General Conference in Minnesota, Middle East, Northern California, Southwest and Florida. Before accepting the position as National Facilitator of Ministry Networks in 1996, Dr. Haan, over the span of 34 years, led seven various churches as Senior Pastor.

In 2005 he launched Kingdom Connections which connects ministries to resources and opportunities.

Dr. Haan was born to godly parents in Chicago. There, his father owned an excavating company. His mother served as the President of the Gideon Auxiliary International. During his teen years he was involved with Christian Endeavor. He began his education at Bob Jones University, where he received his B.A. in 1961. He continued his education at Bethel Theological Seminary and in 1964, he achieved his Masters of Divinity. He served as senior pastor in South St. Paul, MN, Isanti, MN, Erie, PA, Santa Rosa, CA, Redlands, CA, Bradenton, FL, and Boulder, CO. In 1995, Dr. Haan attained his Doctorate of Ministry from Bethel Theological Seminary.

Dr. Haan has been intimately involved in over a dozen community and ministry oriented organizations. These organizations include such prayer networks as City Vision, Erie County Association of Evangelicals, and Sonoma County Association of Evangelicals. He has also launched Christian Family Services, Home for the Homeless, Set Free Ministry, and the Bradenton Bible Conference.

As the National Facilitator of Ministry Networks for the Mission America Coalition, Dr. Haan has facilitated the launching of scores of National Ministry Networks, i.e., the National Coalition of Men's Ministries. He also serves as the Director of the World Prayer Center in Colorado Springs. He also has served in a consulting role with dozens of ministries, i.e., We Care America, Every Home for Christ, International Students, and several others.

Dr. Haan co-founded the Presidential Prayer Team He served as the point person for Icon Pictures in promoting Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ". He also served as the Chief Communication Officer for the Azusa Street Centennial in 2006. Recently he began Kingdom Connections which connects ministries to resources that they need.

Dr. Haan is a man who loves people and loves to serve the Lord. He was happily married to Marcia Jean Haan for forty years until her death December 30, 2002. Together, they had three sons and six grandchildren.

On December 31, 2005 Virginia (Ginger) Galloway of Sacramento, CA and Dr. Haan were united in Marriage. Ginger has two sons.

Rev. Virginia (Ginger) Haan

Ginger Haan grew up in a Christian home and graduated from Vanguard University with a BA in Social Science. She took graduate classes at Cal Poly and Berean and is a licensed minister with the Assemblies of God.

She was in the educational field for 35 years which included teaching 15 years on the elementary level. Ministry-wise, she has taught elementary level, college age students and women's Bible studies for many years. She honed her speaking skills through Toastmaster's Int'l and does workshops at women's retreats.

Ginger has been involved in ex-gay ministry for 15 years, more recently as secretary of the board for Waiting Room Ministries. Through her ministry, Kingdom Lifestyles, she counsels wives whose husbands struggle with homosexuality. She is the liaison between the Assemblies of God and Exodus Int'l and heads up a task force which seeks to resource pastors regarding the issue of homosexuality within their congregations.

Ginger and her husband, Dr. Cornell Haan, reside in Arizona and have five sons, three daughters-in-law and seven grandchildren.

Dr. John Q. Kenzy & Carol A. Kenzy

While a student at Central Bible College in Springfield, Missouri, Dr. John Q. Kenzy directed Teen-age Evangelism. In June of 1964, Dr. Kenzy became Director of Education under Don Wilkerson after ministering with David Wilkerson and Nicky Cruz in Brooklyn New York Teen Challenge the two previous summers. In November 1965 he was sent to Rhinebeck, New York to establish Teen Challenge Institute of Missions. There Kenzy and Don Wilkerson hosted the first National Teen Challenge Conference in 1969. Becoming a separate entity in 1972, the school moved to Sunbury, PA, in 1972 and was renamed Youth Challenge International Bible Institute.

Carol A. Kenzy

From Omaha, Nebraska, this minister's daughter found Christ at a Vacation Bibles School at age four. Meeting John in the fall of 1960, they married in June of 1964, after she graduated from Evangel College. Carol initially served as the Executive Secretary for David Wilkerson, Leonard Ravenhill and John Benton in Brooklyn, New York Teen Challenge. Prior to that, she served as a private secretary for an executive training firm on Madison Avenue in New York City. From the inception of YCIBI, Carol has served as Secretary to the president, a position she still holds today.

John and Carol

For 21 years, the Kenzys team-taught the Marriage and Family class at YCIBI. Since 1984 they have presented Time Out 4 Love marriage and family weekends in churches, retreats, faith-based rehab programs and other inner-city ministries from Nebraska to Maine, to Washington DC and points in between. The Kenzys have four adult daughters, three sons-in laws, seven granddaughters and one grandson.

Looking Ahead

For over 40 years, the Kenzys administrated and taught in college-level, in-resident, specialized education, training rehab grads and others to staff faith-based ministries worldwide. John and Carol have relocated to Blossburg, PA and network with Kingdom Company in Mansfield, PA. The YCIBI property is being sold to enable them to continue providing servant ministry via Internet, thought published books, CDs, DVDs and worldwide on-site visits with assistance to alumni ministries. They are overseeing the development of an ongoing education and training resource center to provide support of transformation and redemptive ministry for members of the Body of Christ.

William R Collier Jr

Bill grew up in Harrisburg, PA. and lived in ghetto areas, suburbs, and rural areas. He spent time in an orphanage and a private school provided free by Milton S. Hershey. He came to Christ at a young age and received his calling. In 1982, but when he was 19, on August 17, 1987, he repented of backsliding and made a commitment to serve the Lord.

Bill is a U.S. Navy Veteran. He has served as a Youth Pastor, Music Minister, newspaper publisher, Drama Ministry Leader, Assistant Pastor, Church Planter, and Evangelism trainer. His professional experience ranges from business management, political campaigns management, Public Relations, Marketing, and Marketing Research. Presently Bill provides governance, direction and management for virtual communities.

Bill and his wife Dora have two children, William and Arthur.

Bill has labored in planting ministries following through with training and equipping others to maintain the work. He has a vision for a Christian Community. He envisions a Christian Nation within our Nation based on a 21st century application, led by the Spirit, knit together like the 1st century ekklesia and the Puritan concept of the Christian Commonwealth. He enjoys casting the vision, inspiring people to add to and participate in the vision, launch new work, and empowering people to exercise their Christ-given (and Christ centered) authority over the work.

Mike Schorah

With a degrees from Oxford University and Bristol University in England, Mike has developed a track record of leadership and success wherever he has worked. He is eager to help the Kingdom of God to grow, regardless of geography, time zone or denominational barrier. He enjoys continuous and wide learning, then working as leader of a team to apply it in a creative and constructive way to achieve measurable results. He has twice turned a company from loss to operating profit without investment, just out of cash-flow.

Mike began his career working as a Systems Engineer specializing in various IBM minicomputers. During this time he consulted with customers on data security and systems recovery procedures. As part of a two-man team Mike was responsible for winning Wedgwood (the china manufacturer) back to IBM after seventeen years with another supplier and then took these skills to a team that successfully won several UK financial institutions for IBM.

As a successful IBM software salesman Mike exceeded quota and was awarded membership of the "100% Club" before being asked to join the formation of what is now IBM Global Services, the consultancy division. There he worked at a main company board level with multinational "blue chip" clients as a Project Manager with IBM, Client and Third Party staff over projects from a few days or weeks through to several months' duration.

In 1992 Mike took the then unusual step of resigning IBM to study theology at Bristol University and to train for Anglican ministry. He was ordained into the Church of England in 1995, serving a curacy in Cheltenham and ultimately spent four years in Kent as priest in charge of an experimental church plant set up under the auspices of George Carey, then Archbishop of Canterbury. It provided ample experience of leadership and management, often in trying circumstances! This post ended shortly after the Archbishop's retirement and Mike was not replaced.

From the beginning of 2003 Mike took his expanded skill-set back to the business world, successfully consulting with businesses in the pharmaceuticals industry and in various branches of the not-for-profit and legal sectors in the UK and North America, working mostly in the area of Customer Relationship Management.

In June 2004 Mike joined Endis as Managing Director with a special focus on sales. The number of customers more than tripled along with monthly revenue and Mike brought the company to a cash-flow break-even position. In 2006 Endis asked him to move to the USA where the company's major clients and key growth opportunities are located.

Mike is skilled in the leadership and management of teams together with all aspects of strategic planning and project management. Mike is a catalyst to ministry initiatives in the Body of Christ. Since in the US, Mike has found the Lord developing a vision and strategy and an astonishing set of connections to resources in the USA and internationally.

Juanita, Johnny, and Rachael Berguson

Juanita Berguson was the general manager of Kingdom, Inc., developing it's administrative structure during the Inc. 500 growth years. She developed the company Kingdom Treasures, a party plan business that had over 1200 representatives throughout the US

Juanita has spoken at numerous Christian conferences and is the author of the book, Whatever Happened to

Christianity. She is the founder of Kingdom Builders, an effort to bring Christians together for fruitfulness in Northern Tier, PA. She is the founder of Kingdom Insight, an online Christian Community. Juanita focuses on understanding the root principles of organization and function of the body of Christ. She has developed the 5 x 7 Model explaining the need for Christians to work together to experience maximum impact for the Kingdom of God.

Johnny Berguson

Johnny graduated in 1971 from Mansfield State College with a BA in Geography. He was cofounder R&W Publishing. He is the founder of Kingdom, Inc. Kingdom, Inc. is a twice Inc. 500 company that provides training and audio, video, and supply products to churches and ministries around the world.

Johnny traveled as an evangelist with his trained Arabian horse, Sheik. They traveled the Untied States and Canada performing in bridleless exhibitions. Johnny is considered one of the foremost animal trainers in the world, performing at the US Arabian National Championship Horse Show, countless other horse shows, rodeos, state fair coliseums and church functions. They were featured four times on The 700 Club television program and included on the "Best of The 700 Club" along with President Ronald Reagan. Johnny trained Pat Robertson's horse, Aristocrat. Johnny has been on national television on five other occasions and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal on economic issues including US exports. He has spoken at numerous conferences.

Johnny is the author of numerous magazine articles that have appeared in telemarketing magazines, horse magazines and Christian magazines. He is the author the training course: The World's Most Complete Course in Horse Training and of the book, The Comprehensive Guide to Cassette Ministry - How Ordinary Christians Can Have Extraordinary Impact for the kingdom of God .

Rachael Berguson

Rachael graduated at age 19 from Bucknell University with a 4.0 GPA in Business Administration. She received an MBA, with an emphasis in Leadership, from Gallup University, studying at both Oxford and Toyota University. Rachael founded Kingdom Publishing and Winds of Fire, which distributed Christian books. She is currently the CEO of Kingdom, Inc.

Rachael accepted Christ as a young person. She has been an active Christian leader. She speaks at Christian Conferences. She is the author of the book: 40 Days of Fruitfulness.

**Saint Anselms ontological argument for God: God, by definition, is that than which a greater cannot be thought. God exists in the understanding. If God exists in the understanding, we could imagine Him to be greater by existing in reality. Therefore, God must exist."



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