Issue 26 - May 5 - Jun 30

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Odds and ends

Overheard on the phone

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From the mail bag

Bro Cope

A few weeks ago, my good friend John G. sent me your teaching on 1 Kings 8:46. I asked John a follow up question about "what does Bro Cope mean by saying he is not being tempted?" John forwarded your reply to me. As I told John, I thought both your initial teaching and your clarification were outstanding, so yesterday I asked John if you have any newsletter or blog that I can read on a regular basis. Today John sent me your email address (I hope that doesn't mean you don't have a newsletter or blog ) :

I think it was 26 years ago that you and I sat down for a wonderful two hour talk in Tempe, AZ. Ever since that time, I've told people that you know the Bible better than anyone I've ever met. The following is the first weekly newsletter that I sent out almost one year ago. If you do not have any material that I can read, would you have time to give feedback on my newsletter? (I would prefer to read some of your teachings if possible)

The Love of Christ Compels me,

Bro Charles

“If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” John 8:36

mea Culpa

I realize that this journal, being the wrap-up journal for the school year, is going to be long. I apologize but I have been busy working on another project - revival in Tioga county, and I have let my journal slide for too many weeks. This will be the last journal till the school year starts up again in late August or September. In the meantime, for those who support me, summer is a difficult time for us preachers. While it may not seem that I am "working" at my ministry, I can assure you that I am at least as busy, if not busier, than during the school year.


Ohio State University

Monday and Tuesday, May 4th and 5th, it was raining all day long, both in State College and Zanesville Ohio, I finally left on the last leg of my school year on Tuesday around 4:00. I drove out two Zanesville where I was going to stay with an old preaching friend of mine. Doctor Patrick Johnston and I have preached several times in the past going way back in time . It was a joy to stay with Doctor Johnston and his family. They are as close to the perfect Christian family as I have found. It was a tremendous experience just sitting back and observing the family dynamics. With six children it was quite a bit like when I was growing up . In my family there were eight children. The hustle, the bustle, it was amazing that in spite of the appearance of chaos, there was pretty much perfect order.

On Wednesday I arrived on campus at Ohio State University around noon , I found Micah Armstrong (right) and his wife Elizabeth (far right) and Rick Bradley (below) already on campus preaching. The weather was rainy and spritzing on and off, but we were able to get into some good conversations with individuals.

Around 2:00 in the afternoon , it began to rain much harder, so we took shelter underneath a gigantic buttonwood tree . A young man named Alex joined us underneath the tree and we had a very fruitful discussion with him.

Last year he had been introduced to the doctrine of holiness by another street preacher, but he was having a hard time getting his mind around it . He had been instructed in the doctrines of Calvin, which make it hard for an individual to believe that he can live a holy life. I went over the basics of holiness again with him . He admitted that he had been looking into the scriptures to see if there were passages that contradicted what I was saying, but he could find not any. All the scriptures that he found were in support of what I was saying.

While he was convinced that what I was telling him was true he could not conceive of how he could do it . I told him that what was hindering him was that he was looking at his own frailty and weakness of will to determine his ability to be able to live a holy life. His attention was on the wrong person. Jesus said that all power and authority in heaven and on earth was given to Him. If it is true that Jesus is God, then He is also all powerful. If He is all powerful, then there is nothing He can not do. He must be able to set us free from sin. If indeed He can not set us free from sin, it would mean that He is not all powerful, sin being more powerful than God. Therefore He could not be God. In fact it would mean that Satan won in the battle on the cross. If it is impossible to obey God, then Satan must be all powerful, and he must be the sovereign god.. It sounds circular, but it isn't. Jesus defeated sin and death on the cross. He absolutely can set us free from sin. Anything to the contrary is a boastful lie of the devil.

The enemy is constantly trying to keep his hold on the earth and its inhabitants. In the battle for our souls the enemy has only one weapon and that is lies . The promises of God and sin are mutually exclusive. As long as we continue in sin, Satan can keep us away from the promises of God . The devil continually lies to God's people to keep them enslaved to sin. The lie is very simple . The enemy tells us "you cannot stop sinning, and the reason is because Jesus did not defeat me. I am the god of this world". Satan continually boasts about his control over the world. When a Christian is told about Jesus' power to deliver from the enemy's clutches, the enemy counters by pointing to the Christians weakness of will and boasts that Jesus just does not have the power to set us free. As long as one is looking at his own weakness, he will not be able to be set free. His weakness appears as a huge mountain sized obstacle. But when one places his trust in the one who has all the power and authority in heaven and earth, that mountain is taken away.

The only thing that he needed to do was to believe that he could live a holy life, embrace that goal, and not let go of it . The problem was in looking to his own weakness and frailty. He could not see how he had the strength to cease from sinning. I told him that he had to place his trust not in his own weakness and in his own frailty but in the Jesus' strength and ability. The Bible says we are Hiss workmanship. He is shaping us into what he wants us to be, so that he can present us to the Father perfect and blameless.

1Pe 4:1 Forasmuch then as Christ hath suffered for us in the flesh, arm yourselves likewise with the same mind: for he that hath suffered in the flesh hath ceased from sin; 2 That he no longer should live the rest of his time in the flesh to the lusts of men, but to the will of God. 3 For the time past of our life may suffice us to have wrought the will of the Gentiles, when we walked in lasciviousness, lusts, excess of wine, revellings, banquetings, and abominable idolatries:

It is all in faith. If you believe you can't be free, you never will be free. If you believe that Jesus can set you free, He can. There is nothing that He can not do. With that, Alex somewhat reluctantly agreed. I promised to pray for him as he sorted out his thinking. He was convinced that what I was saying was Biblical, but was not quite ready to make the commitment.

On Thursday, Micah and Rick were slow getting out on campus. Rick had gotten a call from his home in Kentucky that his cat was stuck in the basement. He went home to extract the feline, and drove back up to OSU. Preaching is not all glamour and glitz.

I tried three times to get a crowd in three different locations, but was not able to. When Micah and Rick showed up, Rick was able to gather a crowd in the first spot I had tried (left). When he turned it over to me, the crowd was mostly Christians, and fairly receptive. So I preached again on the subject of holiness. I love casting down the many stupid excuses that Christians use to justify the fact that they are continuing to sin against the one they say they love.

I ask them a simple question. "Who is the god of righteousness?" They say "Jesus". "Who is the god of sin?" They say "Satan". So, I continue, if Jesus is the God of righteousness, and Satan is the god of sin, when you tell me you continue to sin all the time, exactly to which god are you declaring your allegiance? It is not Jesus. The simplicity of this argument seems to shut most of their mouths,

Micah took over and I went to the sidelines. A young man named Clay who was listening earlier asked if we could pray. That is unusual, but most welcome. After we prayed, I taught him for a while on the dynamics of street preaching. He seemed to understand it all. He quickly came to the realization that on the surface what we were doing appeared to be contrary to the popular view of Jesus, when looked at more in the framework of the historical record, it was much deeper in God's wisdom than previously thought. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts. Isa 55:9

Another fellow told me that last week I had called him a moron. I could not recall the incident, so I apologized to him. That seemed to have a large impact on him. He left only to return 20 minutes later. He wanted to talk about the subject of evolution, which we had discussed earlier. For the next hour I pointed out the many flaws, both scientific and logical, in the theory of evolution. Two Pakistani students joined the conversation, and took exception to what I was saying.

"Since we've been here for millions of years..." I stopped them at that point, and asked them "Who told you that? How do you know that?" Almost the entirety of what students say concerning evolution is not based upon any physical evidence, but is based upon what has been told them. They have not considered the evidence that the earth is young, only that they have been told it is old. The Pakistani students were not moved by my pointing out that they were speaking out of a bizarre faith, rather than science.

Into Grendel's lair

Thursday evening, we were invited by the president of the OSU atheist's club (who by the way never seems to miss one of my preaching sessions) to a viewing of Ben Stein's movie Expelled. She wanted to spice up the meeting, and she knew we could do that really well. Rick, Micah, and Elizabeth went downtown for dinner. After a nice meal at Chipotles, Micah's favorite, we walked back up on campus to the meeting.

I promised that I would be good and not become disruptive (like the atheists do to me). After the movie, there was an open discussion. The club was called the "Free Thinker's Club", but really there weren't any free thinkers there. Several issues were brought up concerning the creation/evolution debate, and I was able to address them. But the main issue really was not between creation or evolution. The free thinkers kept trying to change the debate between Christians and atheists concerning creation.

The movie was not about that debate. The entire focus of the movie was about censorship and persecution of all those who do not toe the line with the evolutionary power structure. The movie was about the very thing that atheist delight in blasting Christianity about - scientific intolerance towards those who disagree. I was able to keep the discussion mostly on the movie's focus.

Afterwards, five atheists came up and shook my hand. It was a symbolic victory. The president thanked me for coming. I asked her if I had behaved okay. She said you did quite well. You added pizzazz to the meeting. (Apparently when you get a bunch of free thinkers together, it gets really dull and boring. As dry as a Baptist Bible study.)

On Friday there was Otterbein.

I got out a little late, but Rick, Micah, and Elizabeth had things going already. I waited to preach, and when my time came the crowd was very subdued. I had a hard time stirring them up and getting them involved. The crowd was small but attentive, and it was focused on me. I decided to turned it back over to Micah, as he seemed to be more effective in drawing the crowd into the event. He preached most of the afternoon.

I had several really good conversations, One highlight of the day was a very good conversation with a blond haired girl, who last year very strongly resisted my preaching. Now she was supporting it.

She had had time to think about what we were doing, and came to the conclusion that what we were doing was very effective, even though at first it seemed counterproductive. These moments are gold, silver, and diamonds to us street preachers.

I had the opportunity of sharing why what we were doing was effective with three others, and when they actually considered what it was that we were trying to do, they said "This is very interesting. I never thought about that." When I showed them the wisdom of God in the preaching, they were persuaded. I won three people over today. The street preaching movement continues to grow.

The highlight of the day was when Otterbein's football coach came out to listen to the preaching. Evidently he had heard Jed preaching at Ohio State back in the eighties. When he heard that preaching was going on at Otterbein, he came out to observe. He took Micah aside and told him he felt led, no burdened, by the Lord to give his testimony to the students. Micah led him out in front of the crowd, and with tears in his eyes, he stood up before the crowd and gave his testimony about how Jesus had changed his life. He is a man that holds a lot of respect at that school. He took a stand for his faith. I am sure he will remember this day for the rest of his life. He risked his reputation, his acceptance, his job, and his friends to declare to the students that he belongs to Jesus.

I also got to talk to the head of Otterbein's security force. He was retired from the State Troopers. He commended us for the way that we run our preaching events. We follow the rules, and cooperate for the most part. It makes his job a lot easier.

On the way out, I was stopped by a student who wanted to know more about out preaching methodology. Again, I was able to persuade the student that what we are doing actually is extremely effective for what we are attempting to do. In the future, I will be doing a full blown scriptural apologetic on our preaching method. It is the most controversial thing about what I do. Often I will refer to the arguments for it, but have not yet laid them all out for you.

Ohio University

On Monday May 11th, We all went down to Ohio University in Athens Ohio. We had a really great day of preaching. The weather was perfect. I started and gathered a crowd, then Rick took over and built the crowd up to 75-85 people. The students were stirred up, and that afforded me many excellent conversations around the edge of the crowd. I don't remember anything really noteworthy about Monday.

Tuesday May 12th. Since Monday was such a great day, we decided to go back down again. This day was partly cloudy and threatening, but we prayed against the rain. I told the crowd that God gives me power over the weather. Naturally, the crowd mocked and ridiculed very loudly. I was preaching around 2:00 when it started to sprinkle. I lifted up my voice and cried out to God, "Father we didn't pray for rain, we prayed for good weather". I commanded the rain to stop, and it immediately ceased. We had great weather the remainder of the day.

Funny thing though, though the students relish being able to point out anything that might make what we do seem ridiculous, none of the students took note that the rain stopped just when I prayed and held off for the remainder of the day. They love to discredit, but when God answers a prayer instantly within their own eyesight, it is as if it never happened. Jesus experienced the same thing after His great miracles when the unbelieving people attributed His miracles to devils rather than to say the miracles were from God.

On Wednesday, May 13th, I introduced my Darwin's Amazing Fail-safe Test Taking machine. It fell flat. Must not be many people at OU who are willing to tie their entire future to the magic of purely random forces.

One thing I have said many times while preaching was that I had never come across what I would call an honest Jew.

The guy in the black robe was a "Christian" praying against me in tongues. He repeatedly cast Satan out of me. Funny thing about that, I did not stop preaching!

Now what I have always meant by that is that I have never come across a Jew who would allow me to share with him four passages from their own scriptures that conclusively prove that Jesus had to have been the expected Messiah. It is not that I have any animosity against the Jews, after all the gospel is first to the Jew and then to the Gentiles. No, it is only that I have not even been able to find one who would sit still long enough to hear the passages from their own holy writings, the Torah. That is what I would have to call dishonest.

Well today I found my first. I read to him the four passages in their entirety, and he did not bolt before I was done. When I was done, his response was "Can a Jew be saved"? I think this question was also a first for me.

"Absolutely! You just have to believe on the Messiah and follow Him. All of the church at the beginning was Jewish. For the first 100 years, Christianity was an accepted sect within rabbinic Judaism. The church did not become Gentilized until after the Bar Kochba rebellion and the dispersion in 136 AD."

I have put a study up on my website, for those of you who are interested in more on the subject.   JesusIsTheOne

Thursday, May 14th The weather all around the Columbus area was bad, plus I had offered to drive Cindy Smock to the airport. The airport in Columbus is near Otterbein, so, it was back to Otterbein for me.

Before I got started, a student demonstration in favor of first amendment rights was going on. Since I am a First Amendment kind of guy, I held off preaching so as to not tread on their First Amendment rights. I asked if there was a problem at the school with infringement, but was told no. The students just wanted to make the student body aware that they do have certain rights. The rain cleared up, and I was able to get started. Unfortunately, the threatening weather made it very difficult to get anyone to stick around.

The plan for the demonstration was for students in classes to stand up and disagree with the professors and to make a scene. Fake officers were supposed to come in and haul the offenders out of class to a jail set up outside the library. The professors were all supposed to be in on it, but surprise, surprise, they all backed out at the last minute. This threw a monkey wrench into the whole day because they had no one to throw into jail. The leaders of the protest came over to me to ask me if I would be a jail bird for them. I thought it only appropriate, since I may be the only one on campus who might have this issue come up (how little did I know). I went with them to stand in their makeshift jail for a while. All told, there just wasn't any kind of enthusiasm among the students. Gone are the good old days of student protests. We hippies were perpetually at war against injustice and boredom. Since there is no end to injustice, I guess the boredom won that fight.

After I was spanked, thanked and sprung, I went back over to the preaching area to start up again. This time I gathered a small crowd, but it never exceeded 10-12. The subject of the civil rights movement came up and I made the statement that the fruit of Martin Luther King's ministry was not good. This sparked some indignation. A young woman objected that MLK advocated nonviolence. I said that is true but the civil rights movement, after his death, descended into violence as the nation came to teeter on the brink of a racial war. It was a time I well remember.

As the debate became very vocal, a Westerville police cruiser pulled up behind me. The officer walked me away from the scene and asked "What's going on here?"

"I'm a street preacher and we were engaged in lively debate."

The officer said, "This isn't lively debate, this is disturbing the peace". (Uninformed officers always try to take this approach, even though the courts usually throw it out.)

I said, "You can't reclassify constitutionally protected speech as disturbing the peace. The courts won't allow it."

He countered, "Well, don't you tell me about the law, I know the law"

I said, "Somebody has to tell you, because you DON'T know the law. What you are trying to do violates the highest law in the land. You are the lawbreaker, not me."

About this time, the Otterbein security people showed up. They took the girl aside that I was debating with, and she stood up for me. "It wasn't unfriendly, we were just debating."

The policeman talked to the College security officer, and the security officer told him that this (meaning the preaching) goes on all the time. The police officer just shrugged his shoulders, got back into his cruiser, and left. No apology seemed to be forthcoming. Since it was late in the day by this time, I packed it in and headed back to Zanesville, where I was staying.

Friday, May 15th. I met up with Micah and Elizabeth Armstrong at Otterbein. The day was really dead. I would have had to raise up hecklers from the landscaping stones. Micah and Elizabeth were heading out to Dayton, Ohio, and left rather early. I failed to garner any further attention, so I left also. Friday evening I drove over to Hebron, Ohio, where I visited with three of Jed Smock's daughters, and caught up on the family news.

Washington DC

Sunday and Monday, May 17th-18th. Doctor Johnston, several of his children, and I accompanied friends to our nation's capital in order to engage in the democratic process. We broke up our large group into teams, and every team was assigned certain state's senators. We came to make our voices heard about the so-called hate crimes bill, S 909. It was a LOT of walking, and you know how much I just love walking. We started the day with a good old fashioned demonstration with a whole lot of pro-life flavor in front of the Supreme Court.

We found out that around the defenders of our Constitutional rights, the Supreme Court, the Constitution does not apply. Imagine that! The officers told me I could not fly my banner. I could not go up the steps behind them to use a public rest room if my T-shirt had the lettering showing. I could not even sit on the steps if my T-shirt had my message showing. Great defenders they are. When laws do not apply to the rulers, then the rulers are lawless. That was the underlying reason for the American revolution - King George saw himself as the source of law, therefore he was not subject to the law.

Looks like we need another revolution.

Tuesday, May 19th, Ohio State. When I arrived on campus, I found an old friend, David Tripp, preaching on the oval. It was good to see David, as I have not run across him for some time. He could not preach for long because he was on a lunch break. I waited for him to finish, but just as he did Tom Short showed up. OSU is pretty much Tom's home campus. He lives just a couple of miles north of the main campus. So, I deferred to him, but he distanced himself from me. I guessed he was getting flack from his denominational sponsors about Jed and my more confrontational style. I said I would wait and take over after he finished.

However, he preached for 7 hours, so I didn't get to preach at all. I did get to enjoy Tom's style, though. He is a very good apologist for the science issues. I always observe other preachers' styles so I that might learn and improve my preaching skills. I offered to take him home and he accepted. We had a good time of fellowship, and he verified what I surmised about his getting flack from his sponsors. Tom said he liked Jed and me personally, but his church did not. Such is the life of a lightning-rod ministry like mine.

Wednesday, May 20th, Ohio University. I went down to Athens today alone. I was not able to get anything going. I had to check my pulse several times to make sure I was alive. After three attempts, I packed it in. I thought I would get back early enough to apply for a permit to preach at Columbus State, a very large community college right in Columbus. As I drew near, I realized I would not make it on time. A whole day gone with not much to show. I drove back to Zanesville, and made it for dinner.

Thursday, May 21st. I got up nice and early so I could reserve the quadrangle at Columbus State. I applied for the 22nd, the 26th, and the 27th. Then I hop, skipped, and jumped over to Ohio State. Tom Short was preaching, so I drove on over to Otterbein. I preached once at noon, and had no response. There were 4 people within shouting distance. I waited patiently until 2:30 to see if the student flow would pick up, but it was a ghost town. Back in the saddle again back to Ohio State. I just worked the crowd while Tom Short preached. A number of students who recognized me as one of the oval preachers came over to me and engaged me in some good conversation. The main topic of the day was creationism Vs evolution. I had been hammering that topic for several visits.

Friday, May 22nd, Columbus State Community College. My choice of days lacked wisdom. Friday? On a commuter campus? Before a 3 day weekend? Strike three!

Winding down

Tuesday, May 26th. Columbus State Community College. I started preaching around 12:45 and was only able to attract 3-4 people. Even that small crowd was taken away by a very outspoken Muslim preaching Islam. He stole my crowd, such as it was, and I let them go. There was not a lot of people, even less interest.

I sat down just to see what might happen. A young couple stopped and asked me what I was doing. I explained that I was a street preacher. It turned out she was a believer but he was not. I began to witness to him, and to my delight, she picked up on my style. She played the foil in my duel. She would ask pointed questions, and I would answer. It was interesting to watch the guys eyes, like the eyes of a deer caught in my headlights. Between the two of us, we delivered the entire gospel to him in just a few minutes.

I stressed that "salvation" does not come from simply believing that Jesus lived, died, or even that He is the son of God. It comes the moment you surrender your life to His control so that He can free you from sin and start to get you ready for the coming Kingdom of God. Waxing bold to what appeared to me to be a look of conviction on his face, I asked him if I could pray for him. Surprisingly he agreed.

I prayed "Father show this man two things. Show him your great Holiness, and then show him his great unholiness. Then give him grace to believe, and forgiveness or all of his past sins." Even more surprisingly, he thanked me. His companion was almost ecstatic. I guessed that she had been talking to him about the Lord for some time.

Another couple came by who both were in a church that teaches holiness. The girl asked me to pray for her relationship with her father. He has been in open rebellion to God for some time, and she greatly wants to have her relationship repaired. Around 3:30, I packed it in, went over to Ohio State to sit in Tom Short's crowd, and witness to the students.

Wednesday, May 27th. Columbus State Community College. It was warm but overcast. It was a slow start. I preached to the squirrels and bricks for about an hour until the Lord raised up a heckler. Once He did, the crowd built up to about 40-50. The big issue of the day was holiness. Invariably, when I am reasoning with the crowd, the objection is always thrown out to me, "Why should I have to change, you still sin". The assumption is always made that sin is an inescapable state. That is what the devil wants everybody to believe. If he can do that, he can control people and keep them under his thumb.

My response is always, "No I don't, I stopped doing what God hates". That is always the start of the tumult. It is amazing how many people are truly offended by me saying I no longer sin against God. I know why though. As long as one deludes himself into the lie that sin can not be escaped, he can comfort himself with the lie that God won't punish him for only doing that which he can not escape. That is the very lie that Satan used on Eve. He told her "You shall not surely die". He lied to her that sin would not kill her. God says, on the other hand: Eze 18:20 The soul that sinneth, it shall die. That is what He told Adam, and that is what He has always said ever since.

The crowd hates it when I tell them Jesus has delivered me COMPLETELY from sin. To them it is unthinkable. Again, I know the reason my assertion is so offensive. If one man can stop sinning, then every man is under the obligation to do the same. But the enemy of their souls keeps them under his control by the lie that they can not do anything else. My testimony destroys that safe haven.

I broke through with several people in the crowd, judging from their facial expressions. They understood the argument that if Jesus can NOT completely free us from Satan's power (sin), then He can't possibly be God. Whoever has the most power is God. If Satan's power to keep us in sin is greater that Jesus' power to free us, then Satan is all powerful. Jesus raised Himself from the dead. That means He has power and authority over even life itself. That is His claim to Godhood. He must be able to set us free.

As the day came to a close, two students were very soberly listening to my preaching. The one said he just thought it was a tumult when he first heard the noise of the crowd and came over to investigate. But when he heard what I was saying, he was dumbfounded. He had never heard anyone say that a person could live free from all sin. He had come to that conclusion on his own by reading the Bible, but had never heard anyone proclaiming it as truth. My boldness greatly encouraged him in his faith. I gave him many more instances from scripture that established the truth that sin has been completely vanquished.

He also told me of several other students with whom he had been discussing the possibility of living a holy life. I encouraged him to essentially form what John and Charles Wesley formed at Oxford University in 1729 - The Holy Club.

Walking out to my car after preaching, I was following a group of older women and a man, surely employees of the college. One of them made a comment about loving the sweet smell of rain. I offered a comment about how it is perfume. Another of the women recognized me and said "Oh you were preaching the good Word of God today! Those students needed to listen! Yeah you preached it all right. How can they get up in the morning and not be thankful to God for His goodness". It was a very encouraging thing, after a day of being pelted with hatred and wickedness.

Thursday, May 28th. I again worked the crowd at Tom Short's preaching. One fellow I had talked to twice before on issues concerning science returned to ask me more questions about the change in the speed of light and the various physical geological formations that are best explained by a world wide flood rather than uniformitarian geology. For more on the geological issues, look at Issue 22 and a little more in Issue 23.

One of Tom's elders was there watching. As time went on, he got more and more involved in the crowd interaction. At one point, he just jumped to the front and began to work the whole crowd rather than one or two at a time. I asked Tom if he was his elder, and he said yes. Then I asked Tom if this was his "baptism of fire". Tom said , "Yes I guess it is". One more recruited to the movement.

Faithful Soldiers School of Evangelism

The first week of June, Jason Storms Faithful Soldiers School of Evangelism stayed with The Johnstons, and we had a wonderful time of fellowship. Unfortunately, I did not take any notes nor take any pictures. The picture above is the whole group just before I left to return to Penna. Like all the thumbnails, it links to a larger copy of the picture.

Jason takes groups, up to 15, and teaches them in a strong discipleship program. They spend several months being taught out of the Bible, being bonded together, and taking Jesus out on the streets. This is one of the most productive ministries in the street preaching movement. After several months together, a sense of camaraderie and community is built in them. This level of discipleship is so desperately needed in the church. If you or someone you know is interested in a discipleship program that features street preaching, I would recommend clicking on the link above to learn more about Jason's school. Good job Jason.

The remainder of June and July, I have spent most of my time in Mansfield, PA, working with the Kingdom Communities group to prepare and equip the church for the work just ahead. We believe that we are on the very edge of the harvest. We are working with due speed to have in place a lot of the infrastructure necessary to handle the massive influx that we have prayed for and believed for for many decades.

Front row from left to right : Rick Needham, Carol Kenzy, John Kenzy. Back row left to right: Dr Cornell Haan. Ginger Haan, Mike Schorah, David Scott, Bill Collier, yours truly, Juanita Berguson, Johhnie Berguson, and Rachael Berguson. This is the steering committee.

Kingdom Communities is an effort to provide services to the church, to empower,equip, train, and support the people in doing the work ahead of us. We are not the revival yet, we are doing the John the Baptist for it.

For an overview of what Kingdom Communities is about, please click Here.

Below is the very humble beginning of The Bro Cope Show with my guest Rev. Bob Pyle, and our "crew". These photos were taken at the taping of the first episode. Was Fox News ever this small? So far I have about 45 hours of taped segments and preaching tapes to take into the editing phase.

My next show will be taped in front of a group of pastors from the southern part of New York. That should be very lively, as one of the pastors has already thrown a street preacher out of his church. In the future I hope to tape more segments with the ministers of State College.

I have been able to get out on Penn State campus on Mondays and Fridays. The crowds are small as the university is mostly barren during the summer, but sometimes the discussions get interesting. Since this journal is so looooooong, I won't tell you about them. Suffice it to say, I am not taking any time off. In particular, I am taking the summer to hone my skills in preparation for the atheists this fall. I have some really good stuff coming up.

I just finished a book by Antony Flew entitled "There is a God". At the end of the 20th century, Flew was possibly the leading atheist in the country. After 60 years of arguing that God does not exist, he was overcome by the massive weight of what science is discovering about the organization of life and indeed the whole universe. He was persuaded by the evidence, and chronicled the evidence that ultimately convinced him that there must be a god. It helped me to understand the depth of the delusion that atheists are held captive by. I look forward to the battle starting next month.


For the remainder of the summer, I plan to be shuttling back and forth between my home in State College and Mansfield, PA. While the price of gas is down a little, the giving for the summer is off for me by about 80%. While I am not out on the campus much, I am still working in the Lord's work, and my needs are ongoing. I had hoped this spring to get a little ahead in anticipation of a very expensive winter ahead. That just has not happened. Those who have contributed in the past, please consider restarting your giving? I am not on vacation, only doing a little different work.

See you in the Fall,


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