Week 12 - Nov 10-14

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By the way, one thing I left out of last week's report. At Boone on Friday, several students came up to me and quietly asked me the same question. I think there were three, maybe four, who asked the question I have been yearning for.

"What must I do to be saved". The conviction I described was very real. Now onto this week.

Monday - Penn State University

Before I even got to Willard building, I was stopped several times by students. They shook my hand and welcomed me back. It was sort of strange, but it seems that it has been increasing since I began this tour. I had similar reactions at Charlotte from people that I had hammered unmercifully. Could it be that after the shock and awe wears off that students can actually can see the love of God in me? I hope so.

The weather was chilly, but I was bundled up. I remember many years preaching in rain and snow and blistering cold. Out came the thermals and doubled-up socks. I was girded for the battle, and the atheists were waiting for me.

Often in witnessing, we as Christians use words that mean a lot to us, but to the world, they have no meaning. While on the road, I came up with a couple of ways to express the gospel using current vernacular. Instead of talking about being "born again", I talked about having a seed placed into the heart which grows up into Christ displacing the old man. I used as an example the Sigourney Weaver movie "Aliens", where the alien put seeds into peoples' bellies and later the baby alien bursts out. (Of course I distinguished between the Holy Spirit and a Hollyweird demon dummy. But the principle is similar.) I also spoke not about being redeemed or being cleansed, but about God declaring unilateral amnesty for anyone who wants it. Amnesty they understand, but redemption - not so much.

This was my selected topic for the day. But as soon as I started preaching, the waiting atheists pounced. For them, their intent was to keep ridiculing the message, the preacher, and the Bible, attempting to keep students from seeing the divine wisdom in what we preach. Getting control back from them is sometimes difficult.

At one point, one student asked incredulously if I believed the earth was only 6,000-10.000 years. I switched over to science, arguing the fact that the presence of Carbon-14 in coal, oil, gas, and diamonds proves a young earth. Since the half life of C-14 is 5730 years, after less than a quarter of a million years, there could not be ANY C-14 in deposits from the Carboniferous period (200-240 million years ago supposedly). But there is.

While I was away the atheists did their homework on this issue. They counter attacked by saying that the samples were contaminated by Carbon-14 from bacteria or by C-14 that was the result of uranium and/or lead decay. That sounded plain wrong and I told them so. They also insisted that lead decayed into C-14. I did not make any points today on the issue, since they had obviously been researching how to debunk my claims.

Unfortunately, they underestimated their opponent.

Tuesday - Penn State University

This morning before going on campus, I spent some time searching the web. What I found was that their objections were smoke screens. The samples that were tested for C-14 had been collected knowing that ideologues trying to prove the myth of evolution would try to find fault. The samples were handled scrupulously.

But even if there was a slip up, that might call into question the sampled coal and oil, but neither the gas nor the oil could have been contaminated by bacteria. And even if there actually were bacteria alive in a mile deep well with an internal temperature higher than boiling water, those bacteria could not have contained any C-14 either. The C-14 could only have been absorbed from the atmosphere. So bacteria contaminating a coal seam or an oil well would have been constrained by the same limitation as the coal or the oil - no C-14 can survive 240,000,000 years.

I also found out that C-14 is not in any radioactive decay chain. And of all unstable lead isotopes, the only results of decay are alpha and/or beta decays. No Carbon-14 is created by any radioactive decay.

Unfortunately, it was a quiet day, and the atheists were off their game. The main antagonist, Yasik, was absent. I will bring the issue back up tomorrow. I did get into a good discussion with a couple of students about the lack of proof for evolution. Students don't know that they exercise faith every day at Penn State. Their faith is wasted on believing the fable of evolution. After some time of challenging them to tell me any actual proof, and they insisting that there was copious proof, they finally got frustrated and left - without giving me any proof.

The highlight of the day was Katrina.

She was listening much of the day, so when the day was ramping down and I stopped preaching, some of us engaged her in conversation. She told us she was a young Christian, a couple of months young. Gary Cattell asked her about her salvation.

"Funny thing", she said, "but it was listening to you (Gary)". She said she hung around at the preaching and found herself listening to Gary preach. She began to believe what was being said. Then the Lord arranged divine appointments with various Christians. Everywhere she went, she ran into Christians. She took a flight and the man beside her struck up a conversation and witnessed to her.

"It was like God was after me. So I said, Okay God, I'll try it". She was amazed that immediately she found morals where there had been no morals before. She could not do things that before she had no conscience about. I pointed out to her that she was learning how the Holy Spirit speaks. She was experiencing spiritual discernment, because she could immediately tell that her new spirit, her revitalized conscience, checked her when she tempted. She was a breath of fresh air, after breathing in the mockery and blasphemy of the God-haters all day.

Our method does not work?

Wednesday - Penn State University

I arrived about 3:00 and there was a small crowd. I began to preach immediately, but due to the weather, not much developed. I did notice that there were a couple of people who sidled in and stood on the outskirts of the preaching area who gazed around not looking at anything. I perceived that they were there to listen. I gave a discourse on what redemption means. There was no upheaval, but then again there was no outbreak of revival.

Yasik the atheist showed up, and I was waiting for him.

I confronted him on the error he had asserted on Monday. I told him that Carbon-14 is not in any radioactive decay chain. Nor is it a daughter element of the decay of radioisotopes of lead. His assertion that the coal, oil, and gas samples were contaminated by Carbon-14 from uranium or lead decay was dead wrong. He went off to verify what I was saying.

At the end of the day as I was leaving, he returned and walked me down the cliff toward my car off College Avenue. He admitted that he was wrong in his assertion. I did not do an ITYS, but did switch over to the bacterial contamination argument. If there were bacteria living in the oil wells, there would not have been any remaining C-14 for them to consume and incorporate. The only possible way for contamination to occur was for the bacteria to have been introduced recently into the well. I did not argue the point that the temperature of the well at depth was lethal to any long age bacteria in the well. I conceded the point that they could have adapted.

But since the oil was siphoned off at the well head into a sealed sterile container, the only other ways for the bacteria to have been introduced would have been (1) into the well at the time of drilling, or (2) by seepage into the well via ground water.

The first is implausible because subsequent pumping would have sucked it back out. It is also implausible because bacteria that might have been introduced would not have been adapted to high temperatures and consequently would have died immediately.

The second source is very implausible because to have made it all the way into a deep well it would have had to travel through a mile of solid rock. Cap rock over oil deposits is dense enough to act as a ceramic filter to water trying to pass through it. It would filter out even ions, let alone much more massive bacteria. Why do we drill down for water anyway, if not for the reason that is is pure. Water forced through a mile of solid rock contains no bacterial contamination.

I know I demolished his objections, but he continued to hold out hope that long ages and evolution could be salvaged. I asserted that the energy of the alpha and beta particles that result from radioactive decay are of insufficient energy levels to turn Nitrogen-14 into Carbon-14 in the oil and gas wells. (Carbon-14 is created by bombardment of Nitrogen-14 by high energy particles from the sun). He said he would check that out. He had a straw to grasp, so he took it. We will see.

Small group discussions continued till past dark, and then broke up. I saw about 5 students that looked like they were under conviction. Pray for a break through.

Thursday - Penn State University

Rained out.

Friday - Penn State University

Being the last day of the week, I went up on campus a little earlier. However Gary had a good debate going on with the atheists about the nature of God. It was amazing. The atheists were trying to tell Gary what God's character is like. An atheist, arguing for the nature of God?????

Gary argued for the traditional Orthodox understanding of God's omniscience, while the atheists argued that if God "knows everything", then He would be unjust, unloving, and tyrannical. They were not able to be moved off the point that "knowledge of" does not necessarily equate to "causation".

Since he was holding his own against their arguments, I decided to not preach. There were at least 3 area discussions going on simultaneously. I didn't want to shut down these opportunities for Christians to defend their faith. In the second picture to the right, Dimitri was holding forth against 4 atheists.

Dimitri has been continuing to preach since I introduced him to the methodology back at the beginning of the school year. I was told he was swarmed on Monday by the atheists but he held his own. Every preacher has his time in the trenches learning the weapons of our warfare. He is growing in his handling of the scriptures and the basic theological subjects.

In the third photo, the girl and the guy with the beard were defending their faith against more atheists.

In the bottom photo, the gentleman in the tan coat is a friend and fellow minister who has supported my ministry since 1977. Bob Pyle has been a faithful friend and a dedicated minister of the Gospel since Steve Michaels and I met him at a Jesus festival in southern Pennsylvania one summer day long ago. Surrounded by atheists he waded into the fray.

Throughout the day, the atheists would ask me when I was going to preach. I was unsuspecting that they had a nefarious plot. At 4:00, Gary stopped preaching. Since there was a small crowd hanging around, I decided maybe I could say a few words. When I started there was only about 20 people left in the crowd. Within minutes, the number jumped to about 80.

The atheists were waiting on me all day, but I did not know it. As soon as I started, Nat began to bring up a statement I had made in September that if anyone tried to worship me, I would kick them in the head rather than accept worship. He manipulated the conversation back to that point, and as soon as I said it again, the godless club leapt into action.

They stripped off their coats to reveal they were all wearing suspenders. (For those of you who don't know me personally, I always wear suspenders). Then they all prostrated themselves before me, bowing and scraping, trying to force me to do something they could use to discredit me. I allowed them to continue in their mockery of worship, and did not kick anyone in the head.

When they finally ceased their antics, I told them they were not worshipping, they were mocking. So, it was not necessary for me to kick anyone. Now if they actually were worshiping rather than ridiculing, maybe the outcome would have been more to their liking....

At this point Nat began to yell that I was insane. I said to him that if he really believed that, he would have stood so close to me (see photo 1 left). If I really were insane, I might pull out my pen knife and slit his throat. Then I told the crowd I was armed, and showed them, not my tiny penknife, but my left arm and my right arm.

That was all they needed. Someone called the police and told them there was an armed man threatening to slit somebody's throat. In photo 1, the officer was just arriving.

He took me aside about a foot and a half, and frisked me. I told him my pen knife was in my pocket, so he confiscated it, I guess so that I wouldn't whip out this two inch blade and wreak havoc thrusting and slashing my way through the infidels.

That officer went over to talk to the head atheist, Nat (blue shirt and suspenders), while another officer began to talk to me. He asked me for identification, which I gave him. After he looked at it for a second, he looked up and said, "Mr. Cope you used to preach here when I was in school back in the seventies. I heard you had retired."

"I did take off for 23 years", I told him, "but I shut my corporation down to return to where my heart was at."

He was very friendly, and gave me his business card. I explained to him that I was making a rhetorical argument that Nat did not really believe that I was insane, or he would act accordingly.

The three officers compared their stories, and realized that they had been used. The first officer apologized but explained that he was going to keep my pen knife and that I could retrieve it at the police station the next day. The officer on the left of me in the last photo shook my hand and apologized, and said I could continue preaching and to have a good afternoon. They hung around for a few minutes then left.

Before I went home, I stopped by the police station. I thought that since I was in town... The officer returned my pen knife and apologized again. He said, "I did not know this is something you guys do every day". He was very apologetic, so I assured him that it was quite all right. I knew he had a job to do. He thanked me for being so cooperative. We shook hands, and parted cordially.

So goes another day in the culture wars. The Kingdom of God is one day closer.

Well, it has been an exciting week. I stay in touch with some of the other campus preachers. There were many good reports this week, and some reports of increasing persecution. This is to be expected. We are on the verge of something very very large.

Mt 24:14 And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.

For those of you who can not join us in the trenches and on the front lines of the movement that will bring the Lord back to the earth, we covet your prayers and your financial support. We are on the front lines by choice. We have left everything behind so we can please the one who has called us to this battle. We depend on your generosity and faithfulness in order to survive.

2Ti 2:3-7 Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier. And if a man also strive for masteries, yet is he not crowned, except he strive lawfully. The husbandman that laboureth must be first partaker of the fruits. Consider what I say; and the Lord give thee understanding in all things.

We are on the verge of the great harvest. Those of you who join with us in this movement by the proxy of giving, will share equally in the fruit. God Bless you and multiply back to you ten fold what you are able to give.

See you next week,


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