Week 6 – Sept 29-Oct 3 

Monday – Otterbein College

The day started off slow.  I began preaching a little after noon, but there was little foot traffic.  I had difficulty gathering a crowd, however, the police showed up right early.  He never approached me, but sat and listened.  I took the opportunity to preach right to him in his car.

The Obama fan club was out registering people and were not too thrilled when I cranked up.  I was able finally to engage some in a quieter conversation, and this was fruitful.  I had three people shake my hand and thank me for my preaching.  Another young man responded to the apocalyptic tone of my message, and enquired into my stand on the military.  I sidestepped the question and began to question him concerning his beliefs.  He is a believer in the conspiracy theory that Bush was the cause of the 9-11 attack, in order to bring us into the new world order.  I thought I might have someone who would be able to listen, but he disappointed me.

Seems that after the conspiracy theory ran out of conversational steam, He declared that he believed staunchly in evolution, making it impossible to believe in judgment day.  I began to run my standard discourse on the abundant evidence for a young earth.  He resisted strongly.  Funny thing.  He expected me to believe that our President would attack his own country in order to deliver us up to a world class dictator, but could not swallow even a dram of the belief that he has been lied to all of his adult life by teachers toeing the evolution line.

I left early and went over to OSU to see if I could get anything going.  It was too late.  I did hear a student talking about the preacher who was on the Oval today.  It was Tom Short.

Tuesday – Ohio University at Athens

Another quiet day – sort of.  I had to compete with a N-obama rally that cranked up a bazillion watts of amplification to harangue the students into registering.  It drowned me out.  I couldn’t even hear questions shouted at me.  So I stopped for a while

When the voter registration children put away their toys, I started up again.  I was only able to draw about 8-10 people at a time.  I did get into some good conversations with individuals during the day, but nothing else developed.  I wrapped up around 4:30 and left for Columbus.

Wednesday – Ohio State University

I thought today would be different than Monday and Tuesday.  The weather was nice and the day was perfect.  I started up around noon time, but all I could get to stop was a veteran atheist heckler who just wasn’t in the mood to heckle me.  She sat for a while and did her homework.  I preached my brains out and built the crowd up to 2.

Tom Short walked up, and since he had been publicizing his visit with fliers and tracts all over the place,  I thought it considerate to honor his effort.  I turned the small crowd, by this time teeming upwards of 5, over to Tom and I sat down out of the preaching arena.

While waiting for Tom to call on me, I struck up a conversation with a college age young man who told me that he had been inspired to preach also at Bowling Green.  He was very solid, as we discussed some of the aspects of preaching.  Apparently Mike has a supportive church, and a group of 11 others who go out with him to assault the bar scene on Friday nights.  I was greatly encouraged to find ANOTHER preacher that God has sovereignly brought into the ministry. 

We were rained out about 3:30, so I offered to drive Tom and his two friends home.  We had a very good time of fellowship.

Thursday - Oberlin

Did I mention that this has been a slow week?  Again, I had great difficulty getting anyone to stop.  The day was not a waste, though.  I got a chance to encourage another student who was inspired by my preaching to consider preaching himself.  He did have a sense of duty about him, and I trust the Lord will continue to move him in that direction.  All told, about 5 people thanked me for preaching and that was also encouraging,  One young man went home and brought me back a cookie his girlfriend had baked.  I wrapped up around 4:00 as cold weather was setting in.

Friday – Ohio State University

Well, the week continued true to form.  As soon as I set up to preach, the tree people with their tree eating machine set up shop next to me.  I tried to preach for about a half an hour, but the apathy was running like the Mississippi river – deep and wide.

I moved down the walk to another area to get away from the noise.  As soon as I did all the OSU singers descended on my spot, intent on doing every song they knew.

All told I started preaching 4 times.  I did get a crowd of 1, who after a while thanked me for preaching and wandered off. 

I left for Columbus Saturday morning.  It was a nice 9 hour drive.  I spent a lot of time in meditation.  It is good to be back in Columbia, MO, and to work with Jed for a couple of weeks.

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